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Refund on faulty goods

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  • Refund on faulty goods

    Looking for some advice.
    I purchased a shed from a local company who came to my address to deliver and assemble the shed. We noticed there were over 45 holes where knots had fallen out, the window frames were measured too small so there were gaps, there were parts where the wood had split. I contacted the company and they came and fixed those problems. We then painted it in two coats of shed paint. A week later when it rained, the shed leaked very badly where the tongue and groove joins were and in each vertical corner of the shed. It was bad enough that the wood all swelled and warped. I contacted the company and they came and had a look and agreed that it was not fit for purpose and they would bring a complete new shed. They agreed to also paint it in the same paint I had used.
    once the second shed was in place, it rained and yet again this one leaked too. Not as bad as the first , but still through the joins and corners. I contacted them and told them. They came out to try and repair the leaks, they were trying to mastic the joins when it was raining so this did not set and water was still getting in. I asked them what to do if it still leaked. They said that they wouldn’t mess about with it anymore and would Give me a refund.
    so when it still leaked I asked for a refund. They said they would come and get it, check for damages and refund the money. But they want the shed back before the refund is issued. I asked to draft up a written agreement to say they will refund me if no damages are seen but they refuse to sign anything and said if I don’t agree then they will not go ahead with the refund. Where do I stand please. Any help would be great.
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    Consumer rights Act 2015. Goods not of merchantable quality. You have allowed them multiple attempts to resolve so you are now rejecting the goods. You want the cost back plus your additional costs such as paint

    How long ago was this?


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      You rejected and requested a refund.
      Their duty is to make the refund within 14 days
      Your duty is to make the goods available.

      7)From the time when the right is exercised—
      (a)the trader has a duty to give the consumer a refund, subject to subsection (18), and
      (b)the consumer has a duty to make the goods available for collection by the trader or (if there is an agreement for the consumer to return rejected goods) to return them as agreed.


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