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Claims Guys - Bill but un-signed paperwork

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    Re: Claims Guys - Bill but un-signed paperwork

    I think the reason they have paid me 883 is this is an adjust value based on the fact that it's taken a further month from when the initial letter with the offer of 846 was sent to me. But the cheque was attached to the document relating to Loan 3. What I don't understand is why Loans 1 & 2 also wouldn't be paid out for the interest, this has been held by the RBS.
    I doubt the extra 40 odd quid was a month's interest. You need to ask them, it's a regulatory requirement for them to tell you how the compensation amount was calculated.

    I have completed forms and returned them, that I do know, but they then returned many back to me saying there were multiple issues and that I had to completed more, which I didn't. The whole process had moved from being simple to me being asked to endlessly complete paperwork, I felt the simplicity offered had long since gone and I stopped completing what they returned to me. Then as soon as the RBS got in touch, that's when I received 3 bills for work but also the letter I attached asking me to complete more paperwork and return, which I haven't. It's that letter along with the bill I have sent back to TCG as a complaint. If they refuse to uphold my complaint, my next course of action would be to raise the issue of not actually receiving anywhere near the amount first offered by the RBS due to my trust deed dating back to 2000. What I don't want is a 4k bill and only receiving 883 from the bank then struggling to pay and being taken to court.
    If you've not already done so I would raise the issue of the trust deed now as another complaint as that could be a stronger argument than the other one. If & when they reject them your next step should be to go to the Legal Ombudsman.

    To prevent the issue of more PPI being found with other banks I may have and losing the money to TCG, how do I remove they're interest in my account, can I?
    I'm not quite with you but (according to their T&Cs at clause 2 f) their 'free PPI check' service can be cancelled at no cost so you should be able to do just that.

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      Re: Claims Guys - Bill but un-signed paperwork


      Thanks for this info, I have now written a 2nd complaint to them regarding the RBS response and withholding of funds due to my previous trust deed. I will await a response.

      With regards my last point, if they have written to a number of loan/bank/credit card companies registering interest in PPI on my behalf, how do I stop that? What I don't want is another bank finding PPI, deciding to settle and TCG appearing again to ask for money from me, especially if the money is again going to be held against debt.

      How do I revoke the access that they may have to all my previous accounts?






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