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The Single County Court – April 2014

Instead of the current 173 county courts ,there will be one national County Court for the whole of England and Wales.

County Court business will take place at County Court hearing centres – the current county court buildings.

There will also be two national business centres:

  • the County CourtMoney Claims Centre at Salford
  • County Court Business Centre at Northampton.

The County Court will have a wholly civil jurisdiction.

Family proceedings will be in the new Family Court.

Possession claims may be commenced at any County Court hearing centre.

Implementing legislation: the Crime and Courts Act 2013 section 17and schedule 9; the Civil Procedure Amendment Rules 2014 SI 2014 /407.

via A Downloadable Guide to Updated Rules and Procedures.


BBC News – Google refunding buyers of fake anti-virus app

Virus Shield icons

Google is refunding users who unsuspectingly bought a fake anti-virus app from its Play Store.

The Virus Shield app reached the number one ranking in the Play Store with over 10,000 downloads before it was removed.

The fake app was uncovered by news site Android Police, which looked at the app’s code and discovered it did nothing.

As well as a full refund, users are being given credit to spend in the Play Store.

The app claimed to “prevent harmful apps from being installed on your device”. But when Android Police tested the app, it discovered that when a user tapped on an icon to activate the “virus shield” all that happened was a new icon was displayed.

False claim

After the story was published, the fake app was removed from the Play Store. It had first appeared on the site on 28 March and was taken down on 6 April.

Google emailed users who had purchased the app, which cost $3.99 (£2.35), offering a full refund.



Mail On Sunday Food Banks ‘Scroungers’ Article Prompts Twitter Outrage

People have taken to Twitter to implore people to donate to food banks, in response to a Mail On Sunday article that claimed they don’t ask their users to prove they need free food and “scroungers” take advantage of them.

Earlier this week, it was revealed that more one million British people have been using food banks for free food parcels, in what charity The Trussell Trust called a “shocking” increase in the last 12 months as rising living costs and low pay took their toll.

But the Sunday tabloid ran an article on food banks with the headline “No ID, no checks… and vouchers for sob stories: The truth behind those shock food bank claims”.

via Huffington Post  Mail On Sunday Food Banks ‘Scroungers’ Article Prompts Twitter Outrage.


Court Fees as of 22nd April 2014

Oxford County Court

Oxford County Court

Fees are payable for some processes within courts and tribunals. For courts, the most common fees are set out in leaflet EX50 – Civil and Family Court Fees – High Court, County Court and Family Proceedings Courts. or click to download HERE > ex050-eng PDF

Remission system

We want to make sure that access to courts and tribunals is available to all. In certain circumstances, individuals may not have to pay a fee. A system known as the remission system is available to those who would have difficulty paying a fee and meet the appropriate criteria.

Customers wishing to apply for a remission must use the following forms and leaflets.

Court and Tribunal Fees – do I have to pay them? This leaflet includes the EX160 Application for a Fee Remission Form.

Undertaking to apply for remission of a court fee or tribunal fee, or to pay a court fee or tribunal fee for emergency applications only

Fee remissions contribution calculator (Excel)


Did you stop paying your debts in 2008/09/10 due to a claims ‘management’ firm ?

Recently we have seen an influx of County Court claims and Statutory Demands against debtors who stopped making payments to their debts following a mass of publicity surrounding claims that debts could be deemed unenforceable due to non compliance with requests for information under sections 77 to 79 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974.  In 2008/09 a number of ‘ambulance chaser’ companies set up in this controvertial market, including the more well known ones Cartel Client Review, The Claims Warehouse and Ratio Money.  There was a lot of publicity surrounding the claims of people like Basil Rankine and Carl Wright that your debts could be written off – culminating in a high profile test case ( Carey v HSBC 2009)  These companies charged up front fees of £300 – £900 per debt and told consumers they should stop making payments as their credit agreements were unenforceable under a later revoked section 127(3) part of the CCA 1974.  These fees were to be refunded if the debt was found to be enforceable.  Many were, and debtors weren’t told, and stopped making payments, and in extreme cases made payments to the claims companies instead of their creditors!.   Those companies have all but closed down now, many of the people involved have moved into other areas – PPI claims, Debt Management plans, IVA’s etc.

But what about those people who stopped paying their debts on the say so of these companies? Is there any redress available to them ?

Are creditors now beginning to enforce these debts through threat of bankruptcy and CCJ’s, charging orders and enforcement agents ?

If you stopped paying your debts on the say so of one of these claims companies then we’d like to hear from you.  Did you get your fees refunded ? Have your creditors made further claims against you?  Join the forum and post here with your experiences.

LB have a forum specifically to help you with any issues relating to agreements regulated under the Consumer Credit Act.
Please create a new thread HERE and ask any questions and outline your circumstances.


The CCA is a useful tool to help get your debts back to the original creditor and obtain fair treatment and have serious issues addressed. It is NOT a ‘get out of debt free ‘card.