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Hsbc Credit Card Reclaim Of Charges

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  • Hsbc Credit Card Reclaim Of Charges

    After sending a reminder after months of waiting for response for refund of charges for the wife, letter received offering full refund of charges as requested, o.k. only about 49.76. Still a Success/.:beagle::beagle::beagle:

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    Re: Hsbc Credit Card Reclaim Of Charges

    A win is a win regardless of the size xx Congrats x


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      Re: Hsbc Credit Card Reclaim Of Charges

      Originally posted by Liliany
      Owners of HSBC credit cards: you may be paying too much in penalty fees. An Office of Fair Trading ruling from April 2006 declared that 12 is the maximum a credit card company can levy in penalty charges at any one time. If you have paid more than 12, you have the right to reclaim your money.

      They didn't say that under 12.00 was fair, only that they would not take enforcement action on the companies. In fact, they state that only a court can decide what a fair charge is and the level of it.
      RECLAIM THE LOT not just the 12.00 and to Liliany, have you read the report from 2006 or are you just posting the above because you don't fully know the report contents?


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        Re: Hsbc Credit Card Reclaim Of Charges

        The 2006 report stated that all firms were to recalibrate their default fees to represent actual costs rather than profit, but none of them ever did this.

        The charges are unlawful in their entirety unless they reveal true costs, which they never will.



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