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    Re: serious advice

    Thank you for the above information, so my understanding is that "Consumer credit

    Right To Canvass Off Trade Premises:No"
    Does that mean he does not have the right to chase this debt or harass me for it? this is my understanding, and he cant take it to court because he does not have the licence to do so?
    So if iI do speak to him, I should make him aware that I know he does not have the licence to do so? or should I write him a letter? And how should I address/construct it? If you guys can help me sort this mess out, I will invite you all for a beer

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      Re: serious advice



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        Re: serious advice

        So, The Marlin Group have either dumped it or, they have outsourced the the problem to VILCOL.

        The question is, will they dare face the publicity if, the full story is revealed;
        one can just imagfine a good journlist getting hold of such material, let alone the FSA.

        At the end of the day, you appear to be a victim of the old school mortgage brokers' culture: commission driven, covert tactics.

        My advice: obtain specialist legal advice asap;
        CAB or National Debtline, will put you in touch with a lawyer within your area.


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          Re: serious advice

          Not sure if the OP is still around, but I would say that the Marlin Group have definately outsourced their problem to Vilcol:


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            Re: serious advice

            I was carrying out some research on flex investment, and stumbled across your blog regarding Vilcol, and I wanted to ask how you managed to avoid paying this company and getting this second charge removed ? I have a very similar dilemma and I wanted to get this very important information before I settle this account with them.
            Pls can you help. thanks


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              Re: serious advice

              all sounds messy. and potentially risky and expensicve if going legal. maybe better to do a deal,. Obviously depends on the numbers involved...but once you go legal my experience is lots and lots of stress.


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                Re: serious advice

                I HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED. Please email me asap. I can explain the full extent of Mr Graham Derek Ralph and his Daughter Caroline


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                  Re: serious advice

                  "need advice,
                  2003 my wife and i wanted to buy a property form a company that said they could help us.The mortgage broker although had a different company name, worked for this particular company that sold the property (i will call them F)
                  The owner of F said, we can buy his flat, but he will charge us more (at the time the property was worth 130.000, but he said he would value it as 195.000) so when the mortgage broker filled up the application form for us he would say we paid the deposit (so the mortgage would be 170,000 and the Mr F once we get the mortgage would profit by 40,000 from his 130,000 flat) ok, we did over pay for the flat, but thats ok, because we would never get a mortgage otherwise, , he also wanted to give us a cheqeue for 2000 to furnish the property, which we were happy with.
                  Then the problem started when they were going to give us the cheqeue for the 2000 pounds, he gave us a hand typed contract (nothing offical ) with the property details, a heading which they typed up, saying that , he has given my wife and i 30k, and that we should pay this money to him, plus he has given us 2000 which we must pay, at first we refused, but they said , "dont worry, this is only for the 2000, the other bit is just in case they ask about the deposit and where it came from "so stupidly we signed it!
                  as soon as we did ,they put a caution on our property and were threatneing us to pay them monthly. since then compnay F had gone into adminstration, as soon as i was aware of that i manged to remove the caution, but since then another company has taken over saying that they had bought the "loan book" from F.So i have been doing my own investigation trying to find out about the deposit being paid, (which obviously it hasnt because he cant pay the 30k to himself,he just made out that it was paid) I contacted my solicitor( which worked for him too) my mortgage company and none of them has any documentation or otherwise of a deposit being paid, and I have asked this new company taking over the account if they have and documentation and all they say is "youve signed the contract youve made payments in the past so you have to pay, and besides we have put the caution on again"
                  My question s this, yes we did sign the contract, and we were happy to pay the 2000 pounds, but surely in any contract , shouldnt the creditor prove that this sum of money was indeed paid to us? because such a large sum of money would have been paid to us by cheqeue or bank transfer ? as the contract said the sum of XXXXXx was paid to us ? do i have a case here? or am i just clutching on straws? shoudl they not have proof or documentation that this money was given to us! "

                  HELP PLEASE:
                  hi there I have been looking for advice on this matter too I'm faced with a similar situation could anyone shed some light on how I can deal with this issue and remove this charge? ,same situation same culprits (FLEX MORTGAGES/VILCOL)


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                    Re: serious advice

                    Originally posted by Chrome1 View Post
                    I contacted my solicitor( which worked for him too)
                    You have added your problem on to the end of someone else's - could you please start a new post or many people will not see this addition. Go here http://www.legalbeagles.info/forums/...ns-amp-Brokers and click on blue button near the top saying "post new thread"

                    My own comment is that you need to see a solicitor who works for you, not anyone else connected with this loan / mortgage.


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                      Re: serious advice

                      Hello please can you help me with this situation I also need all the information to stop this people.



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                        Re: serious advice

                        What's the issue Twinmommy, and with what company ? FLEX MORTGAGES/VILCOL ? - this is quite an old thread that covers a few companies.
                        Common Sense .... if in doubt, use it !

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                          Re: serious advice

                          Originally posted by Amethyst View Post
                          What's the issue Twinmommy, and with what company ? FLEX MORTGAGES/VILCOL ? - this is quite an old thread that covers a few companies.
                          Hi it was just to get information on Flex mortgages and what solicitors others have used to deal with these people.



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