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JD Williams lowell finance and bryan carter court summons

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    Re: JD Williams lowell finance and bryan carter court summons

    Originally posted by madmaria43 View Post
    As far as i am aware and if it is simply be catalogue which i am sure it must be because JD Williams own simply be which i did not know before last month as on the letters i have recieved in the past simply be is not mentioned or referred to in any way. Therefore i applied for the account online when i made my first order and i am not aware that i actually signed an agreeement in paper form thereafter.
    OK, if it was a catalogue, they didn't usually require people to sign an agreement. However, it's important to get a few facts straight:
    1. When did you place your first online order? Any idea what year it was?
    2. At the time of placing your order, were you presented with a set of terms and conditions you had to agree to by ticking a box?


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      Re: JD Williams lowell finance and bryan carter court summons


      I was wondering if anyone has a contact number for JD Williams and also Lowell group in order to discuss a debt with them?

      Applying for a new job that uses credit checks and need to get in touch with them. My debt got passed onto Bryan Carter solicitors but after phoning them today they said it has gone back to which ever company (JD Williams or Lowell) I'm not sure so need to get in touch with them.

      If anyone could give me the contact numbers for JD Williams or Lowell group I'd really appreciate it :tinysmile_grin_t:

      Thank you



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