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Limited time offer for Bournemouth residents

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  • Limited time offer for Bournemouth residents

    I was doing FOI requests today and the one from Bournemouth had this under the acknowledgement

    "Special Offer: FREE LED light bulbs & more!
    For a limited time, many Bournemouth residents can get lots of free stuff to help them cut energy bills at home. Various things make you eligible, including being on a low income, having a health condition, having a child under 5 or being a carer. Phone the number below to see if you are eligible. If you are, a Home Energy Advisor will visit and install free energy saving measures such as low energy LED lightbulbs, smart extension leads, reflective radiator panels and draught-proofing to wooden windows and doors. These measures save the average household 30 on their energy bills each year (subject to the suitability of your home). Call now to book your free home visit on 0800 060 7567
    (8.45am till 5.30pm, Monday to Friday) or apply online anytime at: https://www.applyforleap.org.uk/ If you know other people who you think could benefit from this service, please feel free to tell them"
    "Family means that no one gets forgotten or left behind"
    (quote from David Ogden Stiers)
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