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SANTANDER - Basic Bank Account - Basic Current Account - December 2014

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  • SANTANDER - Basic Bank Account - Basic Current Account - December 2014

    Why choose the Basic Current Account?

    With the no-frills Basic Current Account you can pay your bills by Direct Debit and standing order and get a cash card for use in any of our cash machines.

    Although you won't get an Arranged Overdraft facility, a chequebook, Visa debit card or earn interest on your balance; you will benefit from the following:
    • Easy access to your money with a cash card at any Santander UK or LINK cash machines and, for withdrawals of £300 or more, you can use any Santander UK branch.
    • Pay in - pay your salary or other income into your bank account using automated payments.
    • Pay out - pay your bills straight out of your account each month with standing orders and Direct Debits.
    • Monthly statements - helping you keep track of your balance.

    Please read full product details and terms & conditions before applying.

    Switching - You cannot switch to the Basic Current Account. If you are looking to switch a current account to Santander you may want to consider one of our full facility accounts.
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    Re: SANTANDER - Basic Bank Account - Basic Current Account - December 2014

    Had one of these under different names for over 30 years have no problems like a tin of Cuprinol it does the job



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