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TAX RETURN deadline Jan 2012

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  • TAX RETURN deadline Jan 2012

    It appears that if you did not file a tax return in January 2012 and you should have done so, fines are now accumalating on a daily basis and could now cost you as much as 1k in fines and a further fines will be added.

    You should contact the Tax office as soon as possible to resolve this issue as further delays will start to cost more money in fines and could put you in a position of being debt chased.

    If you are not now self employed and or do not need to complete a tax return for the year to Jan 2012 you should contact the Tax Office to advise them of this as if they do not know they will apply the fines.

    If you start Self Employment you must within 1 month notify the Tax office otherwise more fines will be applied.
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    Re: TAX RETURN deadline Jan 2012

    Here are the ones that wont let that bother them

    Most-wanted 'tax-dodgers' list published by HMRC

    A list of the 20 most-wanted alleged tax-dodgers has been released. Photo: PA / HMRCA list of the 20 most-wanted alleged tax-dodgers - who are accused of fleeing the UK while owing the government millions of pounds - has been released.
    Names and pictures of the accused have been published for the first time by Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) in a bid to find them.
    The list includes Hussain Chohan, 44, who was convicted for his role in a 200 million fraud, part of which involved importing 2.25 tonnes of tobacco worth 750,000 in duty.
    He is currently believed to be in Dubai and was given 11 years for smuggling and fraud offences and failing to appear in court - he is also subject to a 33 million confiscation order.
    Wayne Joseph Hardy, 49, was convicted for manufacturing tobacco products and not paying duty and was given a three-year sentence in October 2011 - he is believed to be in South Africa. The estimated cost to the taxpayer was 1.9 million.
    Nasser Ahmed, 40, believed to be in Pakistan or Dubai, was sentenced to six years in 2005 for his part in VAT fraud worth around 156 million. He fled before verdicts were given and was convicted and sentenced in his absence.
    These three men are among 20 people whose pictures and details are on HMRC's Flickr page.
    Exchequer Secretary David Gauke said:
    These criminals have collectively cost the taxpayer over 765 million and HMRC will pursue them relentlessly.
    We hope that publishing their pictures in this way will enable members of the public to contribute to the effort to catch them.
    Who is on the list:
    A list of the 20 most-wanted alleged tax-dodgers has been released. Credit: PA / HMRC
    • Top row (left to right) Gordon Arthur, Hussain Asad Chohan, Zafar Baidar Chisthi, Cesare Selvini, Nasser Ahmed.
    • Second row (left to right) Olutayo Owolabi, Malcolm McGregor McGowan, Leigang Liang, Mohamed Sami Kaak, Yehuda Cohen.
    • Third row (left to right), John Nugent, Vladimir Jeriomin, Wayne Joseph Hardy, Dimitri Gaskov, Adam Umerji aka Shafiq Patel.
    • Fourth row (left to right) Darsim Abdullah, Timur Mehmet, Emma Elizabeth Tazey, Sahil Jain and Rory McGann


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      Re: TAX RETURN deadline Jan 2012

      Spot the common denominator ........


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        Re: TAX RETURN deadline Jan 2012

        wot no billionares???????/


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          Re: TAX RETURN deadline Jan 2012

          Wot no politicians?

          Past The Rainbow, North of the North Star


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