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Small claims court limit could rise to 15,000

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  • Small claims court limit could rise to 15,000

    With the MoJ proposing to raise the small claims limit to 15,000 from 5,000 how would this affect debt claims is it a good idea or a bad idea because while on one hand there would be no costs on the other you would not get a fair trial if the case needed one.

    Article here from MSE.



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    Re: Small claims court limit could rise to 15,000

    Might actually slow down some of the litigant fiendish DCA's
    After all if they can't bump their claims even more than they already do they may think twice about starting action.
    Have fun, I'm done..



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      Re: Small claims court limit could rise to 15,000

      15,000 would cover a large percentage of debts and court does frighten many consumers so perhaps doing in a less formal way would suit them.

      But as I say there are many debts that should go to a full trial also and they may be prejudiced

      Just I can see two sides to this what maybe good for one may not be for someone else.


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        Re: Small claims court limit could rise to 15,000

        The limits are merely guides in any case. They are not set in stone. Therefore, a case for a 10,000 sum, for example, may well be heard on the SCT in any case, in particular if the case is a straightforward money claim.

        Costs are a matter that remain within the discretion of the Court on assessment, irrespective of the track that the claim is allocated to, therefore, it may work both ways.



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