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Driving licence revoked by police on medical grounds with no evidence

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  • Driving licence revoked by police on medical grounds with no evidence

    Hi I just sent off for my new photocard licence and to update my address- hands up, I moved a long time ago- got a letter back.asking me if i.used to live at old address? I sent back saying yes and got letter stating my licence had been revoked previous year on advice of police saying I was unfit to.drive. only contact I had with police was reporting a crime and getting upset because they weren't interested and telling them I have Aspergers. They didn't tell me they were going to do it and didn't contact my doctor. Was told when diagnosed I didn't need to.declare it as already driving many years. No points, never been stopped, 10 years no claims. My car is financed and totally rely on it for disabled family members. Police say won't prosecute for driving without licence as obvious I didn't know. I get upset on the phone when anxious but was not abusive. I have a responsible job and need my licence back, also have to insure my car as financed although could pay off if I had to. I have no idea why licence revoked but DVLA staff said it's bad and I might not get it back. How is this possible please? I literally have no idea what has happened. No criminal record and no history with police until this . Please can anyone advise? I have no mental health issues apart from Aspergers and mild dyspraxia and I'm not on any medication, haven't been off work and haven't seen GP recently. Help appreciated x thanks.
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    Re: Driving licence revoked by police on medical grounds with no evidence

    I have to write to DVLA and see allegations but the staff I spoke to both told me they're serious allegations and seemed as bewildered as I am that I had no idea, nor did my GP who is equally confused.


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      Re: Driving licence revoked by police on medical grounds with no evidence

      tagging [MENTION=39710]des8[/MENTION] ... any ideas??
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        Re: Driving licence revoked by police on medical grounds with no evidence

        Hi this seems to give the basics for it.

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          Re: Driving licence revoked by police on medical grounds with no evidence

          Hi and welcome.

          You do not have to advise DVLA you have a condition such as Aspergers, unless it affects your ability to drive.

          Obviously the cop who reported you thought you had exhibited behaviour which threw your ability to drive into doubt.
          This was probably your obvious distress caused by your anxiety whilst on the phone.
          As you hadn't reported a change of address you could not be contacted and so your licence was revoked.

          You are where you are however, so you need to reapply for your licence.
          You need to order a D1 pack (do it online here: https://www.gov.uk/dvlaforms) or pick one up from Post Office,
          You'll also need to complete a medical form (https://www.gov.uk/government/upload...nformation.pdf)
          If you can get a letter from your doctor confirming your condition does not affect your ability to drive, it may speed up the process

          Good luck


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