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DVLA referral to court for UNSPECIFIED offence.

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    Re: DVLA referral to court for UNSPECIFIED offence.

    Originally posted by seduraed View Post
    This may seem an odd question. But have you used the car on a bridleway? If so I believe the vehicle counts as being on a public road.
    The car has not been off my property, I have queried the bridleway thing before as the local scrambler boys race up and down the track near our farm, the local police said it is a public access not a public highway. Not sure what that means in terms of traffic offences. Either way the car has not been on the track!


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      Re: DVLA referral to court for UNSPECIFIED offence.

      I agree, the DVLA seem to issue fines with an option of a reduced payment if you just roll over and pay it. Wonder how many innocent people just cough up the cash rather than have the hassle of going to court. Probably lose more in wages than the fine costs, however I am innocent and will stand my ground.



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