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preliminary hearing employment tribunal

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  • preliminary hearing employment tribunal


    parter and I went to my preliminary hearing employment tribunal last week. Basically my employer is tried to change my working times on my return from maternity and I can not do these times due to child care needs. My case was submitted based on Pregnancy and maternity discrimination & sex discrimination. The judge today changed it from direct sex discrimination to indirect discrimination. Based on the fact the employer said its not just my hours changing but the other staff at my position as well. My employer also reduced my working hours when I complained they said they would give me more hours but 4 months later they still have not supplied a solution.

    Does this sound correct, for it to be changed to indirect discrimination?

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    Can you ask any of the other staff at your position whether, or not, their hours are changing?


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      There hours have changed, I would change my hours as well but I simply can not due to child care issues.


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        In that case the Judge was correct to change it to indirect sex discrimination.

        It would be direct discrimination if the change in your hours was made because you're a woman.

        It would be indirect discrimination if the change in hours puts women, as a group, at a disadvantage compared to men.
        It's still a fact that the majority of childcare, school pick-ups etc. is done by women.


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          ok, thanks


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