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Banks requirements and info

Important !
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  • Banks requirements and info


    If an account is to be closed down, we require a copy of the Death Certificate and a Deceased Account Instruction Form to be completed. If the estate is less than £5K the form is to be completed and 2 forms of ID is to be provided by executor(s), if the estate is between £5K and £25K the Deceased Account Instruction needs to be witnessed, usually by a solicitor.
    If an account is in Joint Names, we would automatically remove the deceased account hold on production of the Death Certificate, and ownership if the account along with all the funds held within the account would pass to the surviving holder.

    £25K is our Grant of Probate Limit.

    In order to pay a funeral bill, we require the Death Certificate and the original funeral invoice, funeral bills will be paid directly to the funeral directors.

    Where a case is below the Grant of Probate Limit these can be dealt with by our colleagues at the branch, along with any Change of Titles or payment of Funeral Bills.

    Where a case is above £25K and requires a Grant of Probate these are dealt with by the central Probate Team, however the executors are able to take all their documentation to the branch to be verified and the branch will contact the central team with the executor(s) instructions.


    Have the info on their website.

    As far as paying the Funeral bill direct, it is assessed on a case by case basis so you would have to inquire at your branch.


    On notification of death we require sight of the death certificate whether the account is joint or sole. A copy of a valid Will is also required for sole accounts if one is held. With joint accounts we do not stop the account and will remove the deceased party once the death certificate has been received at the Bank.
    The Royal Bank of Scotland Group requires probate to release balances over £15,000 or when Safe Custody, Boxes and Parcels are held.
    For payment of funeral invoices we would require a final invoice from the funeral directors and payment is usually paid within 4 working days. Funeral invoices are normally only paid on a sole account unless we have a written authority to pay out of the joint account from the surviving party.


    To register a death on a sole account we need only a Death Certificate
    To register a death on a joint account we need only a Death Certificate
    Probate is required if the estate amounts to over £15,000.00 or if the
    estate has already gone for probate
    To release money from the account we need sight of the funeral bill and
    a completed indemnity form. A cheque should be released within 5 working
    days; however funeral cheques can be withdrawn at a branch which makes the
    process a lot quicker for the Executor


    On the death of a customer where the account is in sole names the account will be frozen upon notification. If the account is in joint names the deceased customer name will be removed but the account will remain open. Yorkshire and Clydesdale Banks both require a Death Certificate to freeze all accounts. However depending on individual circumstances, other documents may be required before repayment of funds can be made to executor/next of kin etc.

    The amount in which probate is required is based on individual circumstances and would form part of the discussions with those dealing with the deceased customerís account.

    Where an account is in sole names, we would arrange payment of the funeral bill via a bank giro credit slip (if one is available) or provide a draft made payable to the funeral director.
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