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Shade Greener Boilers, Renaging on repair agreement

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    ASG installed the boiler in 2012.they did annual maintenance and service of the boiler. not please note of the water conditioner.
    ASG wrote to me in the back end of last year stating that as the boiler was coming up for 10 years it might need a power flush and that any damage caused by debris was not covered.
    I had been getting pressure losses for sometime. I was trying to ensure that the warranty was in place until we sell the house at the middle of the year.

    The flush engineer could not get the boiler to pressurise. He bypassed the boiler and cold flushed the radiators. I then got ASG to come and look at the boiler. They said that the power flush had damaged the boiler . They refused to accept that the damage had been done before the flush engineer arrived.

    The boiler was made by ravenheat and they have refused to comment and were really unhelpful saying that they make boilers and do not get involved in consumer disputes.

    The boiler flush technician is not a native english speaker but told me has done thousands of power flushes and never had a problem.

    I have had a new boiler installed,by a qualified gas safe engineer.

    ASG have offered to write off the final payment but refuse to accept the flush engineers report.


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      It is very unlikely that the powerflush damaged the boiler and saying that powerflushing a combi isn't really possible so you would by pass it anyway. They have been considering making system water testing a part of the annual service but that wouldn't apply in your case. I cannot remember when the installation of system filters changed from being recommended to being as mandatory as you can make it but I am surprised in all the time they had serviced it they never recommended it especially if they were concerned of debris. Ravenheat aren't a manufacturer that are popular in my neck of the woods but they have always tended to be at the budget end of the market. If the powerflush was a commission led sale (as it is for companies like BG) then they would have offered to do it so I could only guess they were looking at a way of getting out of any future issues that would have cost them more in repairs then they had in profit. All boilers are prone to problems caused by debris which is why an installer was encouraged to install a system filter initially and it has now become more mandatory to comply with building regulations part L1.


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        not long ago I was told by BOSCH (Worcester) engineer to get system flushed , also heat exchanger needed replacing, duly did flushed! but Bosch sent engineer to change heat exchanger to be told the one taking out clean and cannot see why to change it but he did because that is what he was told to do. and all the flushing of the central heating pipes did not make any difference to system. = well a complete new boiler & central heating system put in as the old system had mix / match Big bore But Small bore to final radiators no wonder no heating, so much for Worcester Bosch and corgi so called engineers.

        of course no apologies or care shown when complained (of course they did not want to give compensation for poor services all round) CORGI complaints rubbish as they will not investigate a case as it can take up to 30 days (Case of poor servicing and breakdown caused) in the middle of winter - 4* degrees and no hot water etc, rubbish regulators .


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