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Single Justice Procedure Notice replied after deadline

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  • Single Justice Procedure Notice replied after deadline

    Hi members,
    I need your help on this.
    I received a Single Justice Procedure Notice in the post at my address stated on my driving licence for a speeding of 36MPH in a 30MPH zone.

    I've been asked to complete the form and plead guilty or not guilty/ attending court or not attending court. Also, provide information if pleading quilty, of reduction of 33% of fine or cost etc.

    My issue here is that the letter was dated on the 15th of February and the deadline on the 7th March 2024. Which I have not responded to and only found out yesterday in my letter pack.

    I went abroad for 6 weeks and returned just 10 days ago and was going through a series of issues, including past letters when the SJP was spotted.

    I am willing to complete it as soon as possible online or send through the post, but is there
    1: A chance it will be accepted?

    Also, I've already got 9points on my licence, but the letter didn't state any possibility of being disqualified,
    2 will they write me to go to court if they didn't not accept my reply from point 1 above?
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    1. You can try but who knows... (I suggest you reply ASAP and without further delay. If they say you can reply online, do so)

    2. I suspect they will. My understanding is that courts are reluctant to DQ drivers in their absence, but can do so if drivers don't appear. If you don't hear any more I'd keep a very close eye on your driving licence online if I were you, to make sure you haven't been DQ'd in your absence.

    Couple of questions of mine to you:

    (a) if you are on 9 points already and likely to get a totting up ban for this offence, why don't you just opt for a court hearing? If you end up DQ'd in your absence you could end up driving whilst DQ'd and face more serious trouble.

    (b) If you are on 9 points already it would seem spectaculary stupid to leave the country for 6 weeks without ensuring your UK mail was being checked regularly for exactly this sort of communication. Why didn't you arrange that?

    (c) Presumably you've previously done a speed awareness course but it was wasted on you? (I did one myself 5 months ago. I found it really helpful...)


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      Whatever you do or don't do now makes no difference.

      Since you will have twelve points as a result of this offence you face disqualification. Your case will be adjourned by the Single justice to a hearing in the normal Magistrates' Court and you will be asked to attend. At that hearing you will be disqualified for six months unless you can convince the court that you or others will suffer "Exceptional Hardship" if you are banned.


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        As above. You must appear, you will be banned (Exceptional Hardship is a very high bar)


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