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Footasylum NBCS Notice of Intended Civil Proceedings

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  • Footasylum NBCS Notice of Intended Civil Proceedings


    I ordered some shoes off footasylum months ago and returned it where something must have gone wrong in transit as after 14 days it had not been delivered and I was given a refund for it. I think it got lost in transit.

    Fast forward a few months to a couple weeks ago, I received a email from NBCS with the header “FA-order number Civil Recovery Do not Ignore” and saying this “We are instructed that on 27/12/2023 you unlawfully committed fraud totalling £679.96 by claiming that you had not received goods / retained goods that were in fact delivered successfully” (my order was in July)

    I thought it was a mistake and ignored it, however a week later I received a letter. I contacted them back and they said
    “We have investigated this case and can advise that the latter applies to your case in which we state ‘by claiming that you had not received goods / retained goods that were in fact delivered successfully’

    It appears you have exploited a loophole and the items were not returned. Instead, an empty jiffy envelope with paper inside was returned to obtain tracking information and a fraudulent refund
    In any event that your case is pursued, further fees as stated under Section 69 of The County Courts Act 1989 will be incurred and will be reflected within the new balance”

    and started threatening with risk of a CCJ. I asked for evidence to which they said “This has been flagged by the courier and member; therefore, we are requesting the outstanding amount to be paid”

    All evidence will be issued on court proceedings as per pre action protocol ruling.

    The last deadline was for the 12th of February and want to know my best option as I don’t want to pay a little under 1k and don’t want to go to court

    Please let me know soon as this is starting to scare me (I am under 18 if that’s relevant)
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    I have recieved the exact same email, with almost the exact same situation as you. Did you ever get anywhere with this?


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      Hi the same case has happened to me, however this was only a few weeks ago and I'm unsure if I will also receive this email. How long ago roughly did you return your items?


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        I've just received the same letter for a jacket I returned in December to Superdry because it was faulty, has anyone here had any updates on their situation?


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          Me to i got the same thing with superdry I got an email yesterday , I also returned a jacket in December


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