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Barclays Loans - Irresponsible Lending

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  • Barclays Loans - Irresponsible Lending

    Hey everyone, a while since I posted last!

    I've brought a claim which was lodged in December 2023 against Barclays for irresponsible lending.

    The claim is that the below loans were lent irresponsibly.

    November 2016 £19,000 (Loan 1)
    November 2016 £22,700 (Loan 2)
    June 2017 £24,500 (Loan 3)
    May 2018 £23,500 (Loan 4)
    December 2019 £15,000 (Loan 5)

    Happy to post up the POC's and the Defence.

    At this stage the case is awaiting allocation to a track.

    I am claiming an Unfair Relationship and the value of the claim is £4599.

    The basis of the case is that no checks were carried out despite a number of loan applications within a short amount of time. Barclays were my main bank at the time, and at that time on the 3 preceding months on each occasion of borrowing I spent out more than I had in.

    I served a Part 31.14 request for Disclosure on Barclays in January, they refused to comply and moreover in their response they stated that they wouldn't be providing evidence of how they reached their lending decisions as part of their defence as this is sensitive internal information.

    Has anyone else brought this sort of claim for irresponsible lending in the Courts?
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    If you are making a claim below £10,000 then it will more then be likely be in the Small Claims Court.
    You'll get a Directions Questionnaire you fill in, then the case will be allocated to your local County Court.

    Did you take the complaint to the FOS?

    Did you follow pre action protocols?

    Have you sent Barclays a SAR request?

    R0b Can you please take a look.


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      Thanks for the reply.

      no I didnít go to FOS - I donít have much faith following reading the forums.

      Yes all pre-actions followed, I gave over a month to respond to LBA but they didnít comply with chasers.

      yes I sent a SAR in, they havent given me system notes etc though, I have statements etc, not much that I couldnít have accessed myself.


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