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Lowell solicitors letter before legal action

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  • Lowell solicitors letter before legal action

    I received a letter from lowell solicitors yesterday regarding a shop direct debt with littlewoods for 641.

    Years ago I sent littlewoods the 1 for all info etc and it took ages they sent me a load of paperwork but I can't remember it having my signature on it and can't find paperwork, anyway they passed debt on to lowell and I continued to pay the debt off at 20 a month but never to lowell always to littlewoods.
    My husband was rushed to hospital last year and diagnosed with cancer, it was a awful several months and some months I remembered to pay littlewoods, some months I didn't.
    So now lowell solicitors have sent me a pior to legal action letter.
    I was made redundant just before my husband became ill, so went from 2 full time wages to now being on a sickness benefit etc, so in no position to pay it off in one instalment.
    I have 30 days to contact them. Do I just offer a minimum amount I can pay each month and hope they accept it, I've never actually spoken to lowells they've just sent me letters telling me I have a debt but I've carried on paying littlewoods, each letter the amount comes down so they are taking the amounts I'm paying off.

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      OK - Firstly please contact Lowell by telephone and ask to speak with the Vulnerable Persons team. Explain to them your personal circumstances and they must then take account of this in all dealings with you.
      Send a new CCA request to Lowell (as they are now debt owner) - lets see what documents get produced this time round. In the meantime maintain any payments, time barring under Limitation Act is not relevant due to payments made. X
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        Had reply from lowell they have suspended things for 30 days but want medical notes, letter from dr/hospital etc to confirm the cancer, a income/outgoing form sent back.
        They also received the cca and said they are passing to their clients for the info? And they aren't bound by the so many days to reply??

        Not sure what to do next,



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          Lowell sent letter today to say that shop direct have been unable to supply all the documentation required to fulfill my request under sections 77/78 of the cca so will be not be pursuing the outstanding balance. The account has been closed.

          Does this mean that the debt is now back with shop direct. Do I continue to pay the 10 a month I was paying or whatever I can afford each month?


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              No, they cannot enforce the debt against you. If they find the agreement then you will have to continue to pay

              Just hope it takes more than 6 years to find it.


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