Have you received a County Court claim form ?

We provide a list of guides and examples of letters and documents that may help you. If you can’t find the information you are looking for, please post on the forum or Contact Us

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If you have received a County Court Claim from a creditor or debt purchaser, don’t panic ! LegalBeagles have many years of experience assisting consumers in dealing with these claims, so you are in the right place to work out what steps you should take before making a decision whether to defend the claim or negotiate a settlement.

If you are looking for formal advice you should get in touch with Citizens Advice or National Debtline.

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First Steps

What to do if you receive a County Court Claim.

Acknowledge a Claim

You must acknowledge receipt of a claim within 14 days or you may have a CCJ awarded against you.

Check Your Dates

You have 14 days from receipt of a claim to acknowledge, extended to 28 to enter your Defence. You can add up to 5 days for service from the date of issue.

CCA Request Letter

Example of a letter to formally request a copy of your credit agreement.

CPR 31.14 Request Letter

Request copies of documents mentioned in a statement of case.

Subject Access Request Letter

Request copies of all information held about you by a lender / creditor.

Example Defence

A good starting point for writing a standard Consumer Credit court claim Defence.

Set Aside Application

A guide to applying to set aside a Judgment by default.