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BANK SMART/ Symmetric Systems Ltd

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  • BANK SMART/ Symmetric Systems Ltd

    Hi everyone,

    New to this so if I'm in the wrong section I apologies. There are several threads regarding these which makes me worry even more, however non which is specifically similar to the situation I have (on behalf of my parents).

    Basically, they we contacted by Bank Smart regarding PPI, my parents, not knowing much about these or how to claim agreed for them to act on their behalf and signed a contract with them and sent it back. This was in April this year, and they have not received anything back from them, no correspondence what so ever to either confirm their account or to verify they have established any claims. When I found out about this I did a quick check on companies house to see who they were. Then sent them an email (as oddly they have no phone number?!), to which I have had no response for over a month. I asked my parents to contact the bank to see if any claims for PPI on any of their loans had been put in, to which they said a company has tried to, however had insufficient evidence of my parents to be able to progress the claim any further. My operator who she dealt with said they would cancel the claim and told her to get a list of all the loans she had from her branch, then to proceed to claim by her self by sending these in with a letter stating she wanted to go through the PPI reclaim process.

    As I understand it, in the terms and conditions that have been previously posted, would they then be entitled to their 25% + VAT on any monies she may receive as a result of her own work? If so, would it then be possible to just cancel with bank smart before she puts her claim in her self? Or is it too late now and they will be entitled to their share as if they had done the claim?

    I have seen that their customers are able to log in, but I don't think my parents ever received such login information (however I have not yet managed to get through to check their emails my self). They really do have no idea about how to get along with things like this, or even where to seek help, which is why I am posting this in the hope of getting some of advice for them.

    I know it's a long winded post, however I have tried to give as much info a possible. I have asked them to find the letter that came with the contract they signed, hopefully will have this shortly. Just want to know where they stand in all this before I start trying to contact Bank smart again to resolve this.


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    Re: BANK SMART/ Symmetric Systems Ltd

    Hi and welcome Steve

    Personally I shouldnt think the business are entitled to anything, the fact they never kept your parents informed, despite the fact that the bank confirmed that a business did try.
    If you get any problems, I would contact the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) claims regulation here;


    If you need any help with the reclaiming, we can help you free on here

    Good luck.


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      Re: BANK SMART/ Symmetric Systems Ltd

      Hi Di,

      Thank you for your response, it's much appreciated. Should I then just leave it at that and not contact bank smart again? Or should I try to contact them to cancel the agreement my parents have with them?

      Thanks again



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        Re: BANK SMART/ Symmetric Systems Ltd

        Hi Steve

        Personally if it were me I would contact Smart but not mention of any dealings you are dealing with via the bank, tell them you (your parents) no longer require business from them, if they ask why then state that there's been no action from them, and any paperwork they hold is to forward it back to your parents.



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          Re: BANK SMART/ Symmetric Systems Ltd

          Is this the same company known as Symmetric Systems T/A Bank-Smart? As they have offices in Truro, Cornwall too

          They allege my wife owes them money from an invoice drawn up in 2009 for 'Services Provided' or words to that effect. They've been threatening to take County Court action against her, and threatening her with bailiffs and bankruptcy over an alleged £140 invoice.

          I stepped in on her behalf and sent them an email, which they acknowledged receipt, and a recorded delivery letter, both quoting the 'Limitation Act'


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            Re: BANK SMART/ Symmetric Systems Ltd

            Hi Grumpy - yes same company - there's few thread on here about them,,,, you have jumped on quite an old one though Hopefully you're not letting their irrational threats worry you?
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              Re: BANK SMART/ Symmetric Systems Ltd

              Originally posted by Amethyst View Post
              Hi Grumpy - yes same company - there's few thread on here about them,,,, you have jumped on quite an old one though Hopefully you're not letting their irrational threats worry you?
              Good lord no lol...

              As I said, despite their 'without prejudice' letter, and the 'we will take you to court' yadda yadda yadda.

              I in turn wrote a polite but firm email & letter, quoting the Limitation Act along with a polite paragraph about harassment and the possibility of involving the Financial Ombudsmen.

              Thus far I have only received an automated response to my email - Which I have both saved & screenshot - But nothing as yet to my letter sent recorded delivery via RM.



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