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MBNA PPI outcome

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  • MBNA PPI outcome

    Hi Guys,
    please may I ask for help from anybody else who has had experience with MBNA PPI.
    I took out PPI on a Credit card in 1998, card running until 2015.
    i applies for PPI just before the deadline.

    It has been delayed many times, a few days ago I received letter with the a questionnaire to fill out. I havenít had chance to finish this yet to return but today have reciwved a refusal.
    Based on it was a Postal application which you purchased PPi on same day.

    We did not provide any advice or recommendations when you purchased the policy

    The conditions stated you had to be 18-65 and a UK resident in permanent employment. I have checked our records and am satisfied but you were.

    at the time you purchased it was 68p per £1.00 of the statement cost. If you made a successful claim the policy could cover at least 3% of the balance in a statement period. This could have been paid for up to 12 months per unemployment claim .
    in the event of a claim it would have been paid until you returned to work.

    i believe you would have received benefit from the PPi policy in the event of sickness, unemployment or hospitalisation and umm not persuaded at the time thatís you had sufficient meanS to cover long periods of payments if needed.

    in Addition

    Any other sick pay or benefits wouldnít have prevented you from making a claim under the policy

    There were no other terms, limitations or exclusions which were likely to have prevented you from making a claim under the policy

    you could cancel at any time.


    so heres the situation they have awarded Plevin however I suffer from epilepsy and am unsure if this would have invalidated the cover ? Also would a postal application have asked me for any medical conditions back in 1998 I just canít remember ?

    Thankyou for any help or advice advice you can give x

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    Please canít anybody help with this been awarded Plevin but turned down for PPI before they have even got my reply questionaire.
    Amethyst Would Epilespy have invalidated the cover ? Is it worth going to ombudsman for ppi which would amount to a lot more or just accept Plevin due to it being taken out in 1998 ? Any help or advice appreciated


    • #3
      So they have awarded undisclosed commission re Plevin, but not missold PPI as it wasn't an advised purchase and you met the criteria.

      You would need the terms of the PPI policy to check the rules of pre-existing conditions, and whether the tick box on the application advised of such a term. If you were off sick due to your epilepsy and the PPI refused to pay out as it was pre-existing then the policy would have been worthless to you.... but if it was just a tick box on an application for the credit card and didn't give you any of the terms of the PPI policy then even though it was unadvised it could still be deemed missold ( IMO ). I'd get the reply questionnaire filled in with that in mind and ask for copies of the application and terms that were available to you at the time of the application.

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        Amethyst Thanks they have awarded me £1400 Plevin.
        card opened 1998 paper application form to which I donít believe would have had all the exclusions then or I canít see if have signed it.
        I will send the Questionaire back I also lived at home with parents so again prob didnít need the cover. Do I need to SAR them for that info or will they just send it to me ?
        Thankyou for your help x


        • #5
          Ppi.pdf Ppi.pdf


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            Hi , please could anybody advise me here ? I have sent a SAR request off to MBNA. They do not have any information on my credit card application, or terms and conditions from 1998.

            So I am unable to check whether I received any information to let me know my PPI would not cover my medical condition.
            Is this worth re referring back to MBNA or the FCA or should I just accept it was a non advised sale and tick box application form ?¬*

            im not sure how I was meant to know this from a postal apppication with no terms or condition and they have nothing on file from the SAR. Unsure whether to just accept Plevin or re complain too mBNA or FCa¬*

            your advice would be greatly appreciated x Thankyou so much¬*


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              Could anyone help me with this post please ? Thankyou so much x¬*


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