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Issues with Three UK

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  • Issues with Three UK

    My phone company (Three UK) sent me a prepaid postage bag to send my new phone back to their logistic team. The bag had a R 24 postage stamp on it used it to send the mobile phone. I was told by Three UK in a letter that I am meant to receive a prove of postage and a tracking number with the bag that was provided. I took the parcel to the post office counter on the 3rd of October 2019 and was only given a prove of postage, to which I objected repeatedly to having a tracking number likewise. However, the cashier at the counter told me there was no tracking number with the bag and he sent the parcel. I sent the parcel without obtaining the tracking number because Three told me that if they didn't get the phone in 5 working days, i will be charged for the phone.*
    As I am aware, the parcel was meant to be delivered the next working day which was the 4th of October 2019. However, I havenít received any confirmation from my phone company about the delivery of the parcel and it has been more than 4 months since I posted the parcel. The phone company is charging me for the phone as they claimed to not have received the phone. Ombusman Service got involved and told me that there was nothing they could do as there was not weight of the parcel on receipt provided and that i should make a claim to royal mail. I have made a claim to royal mail but they said, because i was not the owner of the prepaid bag, i can't make the claim. Therefore, three needed to make the claim. Three Uk said to me that they can't make the claim as that is not part of their service and i should make the claim.

    Essentially, all the companies are just passing me around with the charge on my phone account and my Credit rating also getting bad.

    Please any advice on what to do will be really appreciated.
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    I would suggest you contact Three Complaint Department (http://www.three.co.uk/support/how-to-complain).* I personally had a similar experience and they managed to resolve the issue for me after I explained the whole situation.* Remember to highlight while on the phone with them, the response you received from Three and the fact you have contacted all the companies to try to solve such issues.

    At the same time, you should have everything in writing and send it to the complaint department, just for back up. (I have sent them a complaint letter and rang them as well)

    Thanks and good luck.
    I am a law student undertaking work experience on the LegalBeagles forum. My advice is from my own experience only and is given without liability. If in any doubt, please contact a regulated and insured legal professional to seek further advice.


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      I also have a Three issue. When you sign up online you put in your direct debit details and they send a letter saying theyíll debit that account. Two months in I got a text saying ai was being cut off. Turns out they hadnít transferred the direct debit details to the online account. I paid in full and added the details. Phoned them and they agreed it was a computer issue and I would not be affected. This week I went to order a one month mobile broadband contract with them. It declined. I thought there was a computer issue and did it again and another decline. I can only think that the issue is due to the initial bill issue because I donít owe any money elsewhere. Three wonít explain the issue and the last call centre person I spoke to said this contract only requires a credit score of 300. Where do I go from here as I could do without this affecting my credit rating when it was their fault initially.


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        This is an oldish thread. Suggest you start your own thread rather than hijacking this one


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