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Council tax deductions from pay

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  • Council tax deductions from pay

    Several questions, my local council now runs all its own collection services inhouse so no external bailiffs, having seen some internal paper work they are now running at a considerable profit (2k aweek);
    1}* I suspect they are now 'rail roading' everyone in arrears so they can collect extra fees, when they send around a bailiff they charge 250, frequently they dont get anything, warrant (previously) returned and the fee is dropped - I suspect that they are keeping the fee on the account. Can they do this ?

    All they seem to be doing is charging fees for everything, no is someone is in money trouble how does that help ! When you speak with them they rude and talking to you liek you are something on their shoes.

    There collection rates have increased by 10% but have earnt a fortune in fees.*
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    Bailiff charges are set in law by the appropriate Regulations and they can charge no more. T he Warrant they have is only valid for 12 months but if they have failed in their efforts to make contact - debtor has moved and is untraceable for instance, then any fees would then be removed when it is handed back. If you are upset or think they are doing wrong then by all means contact your local Councillor(s) and ask they intervene and find out what is happening.


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