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CMC requesting further info about ppi payment

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  • CMC requesting further info about ppi payment

    Hi i would like some advice please if possible, back in 2019 i filled in a ppi check with a company called ingenious legal, i never heard anything back from them received any terms or conditions etc etc anyway about 6 weeks later i did another online check with another CMC who then sent me the terms and digital signed paperwork. the next thing i know 5 months later i get payment for 28 pounds from MBNA, this was initiated by Ingenious legal so i called and paid them as they also sent me a bill, i then back in feb 2020 thought i am sure i cant have 2 companies acting on my behalf so i emailed them withdrawing authority and that i had not even seen any terms and conditions or signed paperwork. i never heard anything back other than an automated email saying they would be in contact within 72hrs.

    I then get a letter from my bank saying that they have received 2 letters of authority from ingenious legal and the other CMC and that they will not deal with any of them until i tell them which one but would deal with me direct. i did not tell them to deal with any and left it like that. the bank then sent me lots of paperwork to fill out which i did and they then sent me a letter saying this has been successful and paid money direct to my bank account.

    I in the meantime sent another email to ingenious legal saying that i had previously emailed and heard nothing but again reiterated that my authority was withdrawn. again got the same automated email but never a reply other than that and have heard nothing since from them been a year now since my second email.

    Today i have received a letter from the second CMC demanding i tell them details of the payments made by my bank and if i dont have the letters that i need to fill in 2 more letters of authority, so they can go back to the bank and get the details.

    I called my bank and asked what info they had supplied to them, they said all they did is confirm there was 2 ppi but have refused to deal with them due to 2 CMC sending letters and won't deal with them unless i authorise this.

    my question is where do i stand, they do not know what i have been paid as i dealt direct with the bank and filled in all there paperwork, only that there was 2 accounts with ppi. i am not filling in any other authorities as they request, they only asked if there was PPI which to me is just a check and have done no more than that as the bank refused to deal with them but they know they have been settled direct with me but not the amounts.

    the second CMC is called fast track reclaim. can anyone advise where i stand as they are saying i need to supply either the letters i received when it was settled or sign new authority's for the 2 ppi claims i was paid on or they will enforce legal disclosure through a solicitors.

    any advice is appreciated i don't want to pay 2 bills if ingenious legal show there heads again in the future. starting to stress now i've received this threatening letter.
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    Sorry, I missed this.

    As I understand it Fast Track are only asking you for information on successful claims. Two important questions:

    1) Did you ever sign a contract with them?

    2) Did you ever PREVIOUSLY sign letters of authority with them for the lenders who you had successful claims with?


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      Hi Sorry for the late reply, I've been away visiting family. I did sign the intial contract for them to do searches for any ppi i may have had.

      I cannot remember signing any authority for them re any specific lender, the Bank told them what products and then refused to give any other information. The bank then sent me various paper work for me to answer questions and fill in, they then paid the money direct to my bank account FTR do not know hlw much. The first i became aware if this was just over a week ago when FTR sent me the threatening letter, they said they had been in touch before but i have had nothing from them for almost 14 months.

      FTR initially advertised as ppi check was free then any successful claims you pay the fee, as far as i can see they have done the check found out and then nothing else as the bank refused tondeal with them, hope that helps?

      Many thanks



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        Ok thanks.

        Can you post up the demand you had from FTR (redacting any personal info) or send it to me at nick@legalbeaglesgroup.com


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          Hi, Yes will do when i get home from work. Thank you


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            Hi i have attached the edited letter, thanks.
            Attached Files


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              Ok thanks.

              I would send them something like the following:

              Dear Sirs

              Thank you for your letter of 25 June.

              In order for me to give due and informed consideration to your request, I would be grateful if you would provide me with the following:

              1) A copy of the notification you received from Barclaycard that my claim had been resolved.

              2) Copies of my signed agreement with you and the relevant signed letter of authority.

              3) A copy of the claim you made to Barclaycard on my behalf.

              Should it be necessary, please accept this request as a formal Subject Access Request under the Data Protection Act 2018 / General Data Protection Regulations.




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                Thanks i will get that posted today.


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                  You could always just email it if it's easier.

                  Let me know when you get a response.


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                    Hi thanks,

                    I emailed them and this is their response, they have also attached paperwork which has all my details on which i will email if thats ok? Many thanks for your time, help and advice, its very much appreciated.

                    Dear Mr

                    Please find enclosed the outcome of your Subject Access Request. In order to keep your personal information secure, the attachment has been password protected and you will shortly receive an email containing the password required to open this.

                    Please note that to date we have not received confirmation from Barclays that a Final Decision Letter (FDL) has been issued to you as they have stated that will only communicate with you going forward.

                    I can see that correspondence was issued to you on the which stated that Barclays had informed us a response had been sent to you but this letter was sent in error for which I apologise.

                    Why we hold this information about you

                    The information held about you is to enable us to carry out claims management work on your behalf. We do not gather irrelevant or excessive information.

                    As explained in our Privacy Policy, we hold this information for 7 years, after which it will be deleted or anonymised from our systems. Please note, we only hold calls for 12 months.

                    If you have any questions or concerns surrounding the information held, please contact us at privacy@fasttrackreclaim.com or 0333 2129367.

                    Yours sincerely,


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                      Ive just forwarded their email they sent to me with the above reply with the attachments and password many thanks.


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                        Originally posted by Kingo30 View Post
                        Ive just forwarded their email they sent to me with the above reply with the attachments and password many thanks.
                        Ahh it was you!

                        I can see that correspondence was issued to you on the which stated that Barclays had informed us a response had been sent to you but this letter was sent in error for which I apologise.
                        Well that's good, It looks like they've conceded it was a mistake.


                        • #13
                          Morning sorry yes it was me, i should have out more info in the email, yes i picked that upto, i am not sure how long before they come back and try that trick again to get me to either re sign authority or threaten me again with solicitors.


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                            Well you've got they made a 'mistake' in writing so it should put you in a stronger position if they try it again.

                            Keep us posted.


                            • #15
                              Did you see the attachments, i thought the form i singed i think must have been digitally as that's not quite my signature, the other questionnaires are not signed by me and that appears to be the complaint to the bank, not sure how it works, but my understanding was that originally i only authorised them to check for ppi or do they have my hung drawn and quartered?.

                              Many thanks


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