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Car garage

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  • Car garage

    Hello, Iím not sure if this is the correct place to ask this question? I would like some advice please. I have a bmw and it broke down, I took it to a local garage where after a few days of not hearing from them I decided to go and speak with the mechanic who was working on my car. When speaking with him he said that my high pressure fuel pump was broken and showed me the inside of my fuel tank, he pointed out that there was metal pieces at the bottom of it and explained that the fuel pump had broken down and that in his view the metal fragments had traveled along the fuel line and knackered the fuel injectors. I asked him how much it would cost to replace theses parts where he replied that I would have to speak to the guy on the desk. He said that the guy on the desk had a few quotes to do on other cars that were in the garage and that the desk guy would contact me in due course. I then waited a few more days and on Friday 26/06/20 I received a phone call saying that my car would cost over £2000 to repair and that this is a job that they would not take on due to them not wanting to give me a warranty, because in there view the car could come back to them if it had a problem later on. I accepted there point and arranged to recover the car yesterday 29/06/20. I arrived at the garage yesterday afternoon around 16:00 hrs and paid for the labour for the work that they had carried out and advised them that my recovery wasnít coming until after 18:00 hours when the garage was closed. The guy on the desk said that they would push my car outside of the gated area so that I could collect once they were closed. Anyway I arrived just after 21:00hrs and my car was taken back to my house. When I got home and opened the car there was a very strong smell of diesel, upon investigation I saw that there was diesel all over the carpet and back seats, (there high pressure fuel pump is located under the back seat) (I had half a tank full) I then noticed that the mechanic had not put the high pressure fuel pump cover back on and as a result the back of my car is covered in diesel.¬*
    I would like to hear from anyone on this forum who can advise me on my next move as I now want this company to pay for new back seats and the carpet in my car. I will obviously go to a bmw dealership and have them replace the damaged carpet and seats and also have them fix my car high pressure fuel pump problem. I would appreciate any advice that you can offer me. For example if the garage try to wriggle out of paying for the damage that they have caused to my car. I intend to visit the garage in the morning and ask they what they will do to sort out this problem? I will also video them on the quite¬*
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    Update, I have since been to the garage in question and had a conversation with the guy on the desk and the mechanic and they have admitted there mistake on video.¬*
    I didnít sleep very well last night as I was thinking, what if I was hit by another driver whilst being towed and the car I was in cought ¬*on fire!¬*


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