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Injured by First bus

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  • Injured by First bus

    Yesterday 1/06/22 while I was going home with the bus
    I have been involved into an injury
    The bus was quite busy with a lot of elderly people and I don't want even imagine if instead of me one of this person would be injured in the same way
    The circumstance are not very clear but our bus suddenly had a bad SHARPBRAKE. The road wasn't very trafficate but our drivers claimed that a car tried overtake him so he had to make an emergency stop
    Unfraternally this sharp brake was so bad that I literally fall out of my seat and I hit badly my left side and neck which i can barely move.
    Even if I have told to the driver few times i have hurt myself, he wasn't willing to take any action, only after a lot of people told him that they saw me falling out of the seat due his sharp brake and they saw me that i got seriously hurted . The driver decided to take action filling a COLLISION REPORT CARD . Then he offered to call an ambulance whose claimed to take from 3 up to 6 hours to arrive.
    I decided to go CLEVENDON MINOR INJURIES HOSPITAL because is the closest from where i live
    I have been visited by a nurse and she said i have no bones broken, but she saw a bruise on the side of the impact
    My ribs hurts, my arm hurt and i got a whiplash.
    I will be in pain for a while and i have to limit my jobs duty due this pain
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    See a solicitor. Solicitors who specialise in personal injury cases will generally offer 'no win, no fee terms', so you should get a good initial appraisal of your case.
    Lawyer - retired from practice, now in academia. I do not advise by PM.


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      Do you recommend someone?


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        I am not from your part og the country. I suggest that you contact the Law Society for recommendations in your area.
        Lawyer - retired from practice, now in academia. I do not advise by PM.


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