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Scam company??

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  • Scam company??

    Hi all

    I'm hoping someone can please advise asap.

    My mother has responded to an advert on facebook 'will writing 19.99' - !

    She has spoken to someone from said company and the cost is in total just under 3k!

    She is 80 years old and still 'compus mentus' - however, I feel this company is taking advantage of the elderly and vulnerable and their desperation to have 'everything in place' as it were.

    They have included 2 x probate (258 x 2)

    Will 39.99

    Assett protection 1,995 (my eldest sibling says that this is not worth the paper it is written on??)

    Registering of her house 285 (I know from the website this is only 80!!)

    She has already paid 3 payments - 1 of just under 140 - 2 x just under 150.

    This company is clearly a scam company - I consulted my eldest sister on this and she has looked them up and they have been in liquidation (previous names )twice with debts of 6 million plus.

    My question is....how do we get Mother's money back? This only came to light when she gave me the pack to get the relevant signatures - mine and my 2 siblings and also a witness signature.

    She has paid with debit card payments - so no direct debit in place - harder to cancel for the consumer?

    Any advise would be greatly appreciated.



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    First off try a chargeback on the debit card.

    Has your mother signed anything?

    Care to name the company so we can warn others?


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      Hi DES8 and thanks for your reply. I am going to try the chargeback tomorrow and by all means I will share the name of the company when I have managed to sort things out (hopefully!) - meanwhile I have messaged you.


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        That outfit is not a member of any association.

        Their terms and conditions on line are ridiculously brief, as are their terms of service.

        They do have a complaints procedure which you should follow.

        I note they are regulated by the FCA as credit brokers only, so check if your mother has signed a third party finance agreement.
        As she is paying "instalments" this is likely

        However you say you discovered the problems when she gave you the pack to get relevant signatures.
        If no agreement has yet been signed she is still possibly within the 14 day cooling off period


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          Thanks for your reply Des8.

          She didn't receive any documentation at all until the end of June! Apparently, this is one of their tricks - they don't send any documents out until well after the 14 day cooling off period has passed.

          They also took her deeds in May (to register) and this has not been done some 5 months later (I have email confirmation from Land Registry) - possible breach of contract? She has already paid for this service and they have not been sent anywhere!




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