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    Hello, I'm looking for advice regarding my late fathers death. My father died 2 years ago (June 2017) and since then we have faced an uphill battle with my sister (S)

    After an altercation the day after he died my sister has been at war with me. He left an unsigned will and so everything was to be split 50% 50%. I suffer with mental health issues and did not want to take on administrator. My S was offered this post numerous times but didn't ever respond. I was told that I was to become administrator due to me being older and there being no one else. At this time we had a solicitor representing the estate ….. Months passed with my S becoming increasingly hostile, making demands of what she wanted as regards to furniture etc stating that she wanted to put his house up for sale/then she didn't/then she did. Eventually I made the decision to buy out my sister of the property. I will forever wish I didn't as this just seemed to cause more rift.

    I had the contents of the house valued to which they told me it would cost £1300 to clear the house and that there was nothing of value apart from watches, war medals and shotguns. I took time off work to donate, throw and remove the contents of the house that was deemed invaluable as nearly a year had passed since my fathers death. During this time the estate solicitors refused to converse with my sister as she had become threatening and hostile to them on numerous occasions. She was advised to seek legal cover for herself to which she agreed. Copies of EVERYTHING to do with my fathers estate were sent to her address numerous times with her later claiming she'd never received them.

    Upon the solicitors approval I moved into my fathers house May 2018. I was told that this was FINE to do. I was informed S's half would be kept in an account and released when the estate was finalised.All was quiet from my sister, we had had no confirmation that she had sought legal cover only emails from her private email address every now and then to the estate solicitor.

    Jan 19' my solicitor received confirmation that Anna had sought legal cover and the hell really began. The solicitors received a letter in April (19) stating that I was to pay a fair market rent for being in the property for a year. I was accused of holding S's money even though the estate solicitor had said this was common practise (IS IT?!). I was also threatened with court action. My sister has done everything he can to pro long this, I repeatedly offered for her to come and help clear my fathers house to which I never had a response. She's been told her demanded items are waiting for her she has not come to fetch them stating that I am responsible for organising a courier to take them to her and that I should pay for said courier?!


    I met with the solicitor last month who assured me everything would be fine. I received another letter today asking for fair market rent on the property and threatened with court action once more?!

    I have done nothing without my solicitor's approval/suggestion. I am beyond worry, loosing sleep and appetite.

    I didn't withhold the money, I was told it was common practise. Any help will be useful.
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    Hi Samburns97,
    This must be a real struggle for you. It sounds like your solicitor has probably given sound advice so far and is evidently well aware of the situation with your sister.
    You say you received another letter, was this addressed to your solicitor or directly to you? You are the administrator so there is little she can do unless there is any issue with your carrying out your duties, which I suspect there isn’t.
    Has the property been transferred to your name? When will your sister receive her ‘share’ of the property?
    There is no obligation on you to arrange a courier for the items although it may be sensible to hold this as a negotiating tool? Or the courier cost could be deducted from her share she is to receive?
    I am a qualified solicitor and am happy to try and assist informally, where needed.

    Any posts I make on LegalBeagles are for information and discussion purposes only and shouldn't be seen as legal advice. Any practical advice I give is without liability. I do not represent people on the forum.

    If in doubt you should always seek professional face to face legal advice.


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