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Three / Hutchinson 3G - Unlawful Data Processing - Breach of DPA 1998

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  • Three / Hutchinson 3G - Unlawful Data Processing - Breach of DPA 1998

    In 2014/15 my husband and I took phone (Sim only) contracts with Three. He started to receive tonnes of calls from companies selling services, stating that he could be owed PPI etc. So many in fact that when his contract came up for renewal in February 2019, he went into Three and asked them to cancel his contract. The agent said they would not do it in store, so he went on line and completed their form. A couple of weeks ago now I started to receive phone calls from Three that hung up before I could answer. No message on answer phone, so I rang back to find out what they wanted. It was Three Billing, trying to tell me I owed them money.

    When I explained to the man that I owed nothing, that I had only received my bill the day before and that my DDebit was not due to be collected for 2 weeks yet, he agreed that I owed nothing on bill, but then went on to state that I must have another number which I owed money on in another name. At this point I stated that I did not and that if I had another phone number it would be in my name.

    He quoted my husband's name and asked if I knew him. Yes, I said that was my husband but I don't have anything to do with his finances, would he please email my husband on his email address and make contact with him that way. Please do not contact me again.

    I thought that was the end of it. After that I received 8 more phone calls, each one progressively more rude, threatening and coercive. The behaviour of their representative was extremely upsetting, unwarranted and stressful. I don't have to put up with being treated that way by anyone and coercion is not legal.

    It transpires that

    a) They had not cancelled my husband's Sim contract after all
    b) They had linked my phone number to my husband's account because of voter's roll information and were deliberately and as far as I am aware processing my information unlawfully in order to chase a Perceived Debt for someone else through me.

    The crowning glory was when after 3 days of non stop calls and me repeatedly asking Three to stop calling me about someone else's bill, I was told "You will receive calls every day, several times a day until such time as you make him call us. I don't care that this is your personal phone number"

    Totally livid, I spent an hour and a half on the phone, having to listen to a Customer Access advisor's BS.... - pleading and begging for me not to cancel my contract etc. Needless to say I cancelled my contract

    I lodged a formal complaint through Resolver because as far as I am aware, to process my personal data for purposes other than the direct administration of my account with them is "Unlawful processing". I do not think they have the right to use my personal data in order to pursue a debt that I do not owe, irrespective of whether or not the debtor is related to me.

    I keep receiving messages on my phone - Three seems unwilling to engage through a 3rd party mediation service even though it is the site of choice offered on their own web site - asking me to contact them to discuss the resolution they have offered.

    They have not offered any kind of resolution to me and certainly not in writing.

    How would I stand with regards seeking redress under the DPA act 1998 and the GDPR act.
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    Thank you all for the lack of response - kindly delete this post


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      Not everyone has expertise in this area.

      Plus advise here is given free. Sarcastic comments will not help you to garner assistance.

      Try Offcom.


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        Not sarcasm at all. Sheer desperation of trying to get advice. Whilst I appreciate that the advice is free and whilst I myself have provided advice in my own specialist field of expertise, I would not have posted here if I did not need an Honest Opinion and Advice. Normally others would tag someone who does know about the subject in question, but as I could no longer wait for someone to respond I have now sought professional legal advice

        As I don't have sufficient forum priveleges, as I asked before, please delete the post as I don't need any further responses


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