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British Gas Evolve

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  • British Gas Evolve

    Has anyone who was a Simplicity customer had probelms getting credit balances back from Evolve when the took over after they went bust?
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    Hi Ann

    You probably are aware of the following:

    'Your Credit Balance will be reported to British Gas Evolve during April/May 2021 and will be refunded by British Gas Evolve.

    You should find your final bill to the 30th January 2021 on the Simpicity Energy Website, this may not include any payments made after the bill was issued, however, your balance displayed on your account will be the current position.

    If you have not become a British Gas Evolve customer, any credit balance will be refunded to you in due course. Your Balance is protected under the Ofgem Supplier Of Last Resort (SoLR) Process and will be refunded by British Gas Evolve.

    Please note that correspondence should be undertaken by email and the normal response time is within 28 days.'

    'Any credits owed to you, will be transferred to British Gas Evolve. Any debits in the meantime will be owed to Simplicity Energy.

    You should notify Simplicity Energy of your final meter readings and your final bill and credit will be calculated. This will include any unbilled charges in the period to your final meter reading, subject to industry guidelines.

    If your final account shows that Simplicity Energy owes you money (your credit balance), the Administrators will confirm this amount to British Gas Evolve. Please note, any credit balance cannot be accepted or validated without final media readings.

    Under OFGEM regulations, British Gas Evolve, is now responsible for the credit balance due to domestic customers, so your balance is safe. British Gas Evolve will contact you directly regarding your credit balance.

    Please note that it may take 16 weeks or more to process credit balances.

    The easiest way to contact British Gas Evolve is to visit https://www.britishgasevolve.co.uk/contact-us. The Administrators are unable to make payment or assist you in obtaining repayment for credit balance from British Gas Evolve. You should contact British Gas Evolve on the details above for assistance.'


    Email British Gas Evolve if you think that the deadline has passed for them to return the monies to you. Tell them if they can't return the monies, then you want them to send you a 'Deadlock' letter so you can make a complaint to the Services Ombudsman.


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