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Citimedical requesting money for a medical following a collision claim.

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  • Citimedical requesting money for a medical following a collision claim.

    Hi, I'm sorry if this is in the wrong section but it seemed the most relevant I could find.

    Around 3 years ago my boss was driving us to work and drove into the back of a car, it wasn't serious, just a slight prang. Obviously the driver of the other car claimed for medical damages for whiplash etc and my boss was advised by his insurance company that I would be entitled to claim too and that they would contact me if I gave the green light.

    It was gowing law that contacted me, I gave them the information they requested and they told me that they would be able to claim based off of what I said but that I'd need to go to an independent medical exam which they would set up.

    I went to the medical exam and told him that I was a sore from the collision, however throughout the exam he seemed to pressure me into adding symptoms, wordplay such as "if you were sore then it's fair to say you'd have trouble sleeping then yes?" but I tried to remain honest throughout.

    Gowing law advised they would take this medical report to the insurance company and get back to me regarding a payout once the legal side had been taken care of. I believe it was 6 months later I got a call informing me that the insurance company had knocked the claim back and that they requested pictures of the damages to both vehicles. Gowing law asked me to provide these to them, I advised I didn't take any and that the only person who may have them would be my boss (he however didn't as he had upgraded his phone)

    6 months more passed and I had just assumed that they had given up on the claim, then a new name from gowing law contacted me asking me to recount what happened on the day a year or so previous and asked me again for pictures. I reiterated that I can't help them with that and told them what happened to the best of my recollection.

    6-8 months later I received a letter from gowing law requesting the exact same things once again, from a different name again using language such as "do you have pictures of the accident you was in" at this point nearly 2 years on I was fed up, I messaged back, questioned their commitment to their customers and said if you can't do this with the information provided several times over perhaps it's best we all just move on with our lives (or something to that extent)

    I don't think I received a letter from them after that, however, after getting home today from work I find a letter from Citimedical requesting 208 for the exam because gowing law are no longer representing me so the bill has been passed onto me.

    I honestly don't k lnow what to do here, I don't feel I should be forced to pay for gowing laws incompetence but am I legally obliged to do so? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    TLDR: following an abandoned crash claim the company hired by my solicitors are requesting me to pay them for the medical report as they dropped me as a client.

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    Send them a debt is denied letter and to refer back to their clients.
    If they persits get your boss to send it to his insurance company to deal with.


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      Hi Seans87

      Were there other claims related to the incident, surely those other claims might have pictures / damage to the cars. That's what I would / would of done, you just need to ask your boss to send his insurance company at the time a SAR request asking for all photos.


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        Thank you for your responses, @Echat and @PaulaJayne.

        Im terribly sorry but I'm not entirely sure what you mean, do you simply mean tell them I won't pay and they should seek costs from gowing law?

        As for your response Echat, the claim has been dropped by the solicitors after 2 years of going around in circles so unfortunately I don't think even if I could get the pictures at this point I'm not sure I'd be able to do anything with them.


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