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Parkingeye PCN in Hospitsal car park

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  • Parkingeye PCN in Hospitsal car park

    Hi all,

    on 2nd December I went to my local hospital which uses parkingeye to run its car park.
    when you arrive it registers your number plate and when you wish to leave you type this in to one of the pay stations in the hospital or in the car park.

    The pay stations do not state how long you have been on site and do not say how much you owe.
    I estimated I had been there 2 hours and paid for that time £2.

    I received a letter saying my car had stayed 2hours 23 min and now owes a pcn of £70 or £40 if paid within 14 days.

    I'm awaiting a call from a solicitor who I wont need to pay for the advice and I have written a draft letter explaining that the pay station didnt say how long the driver had been in the car park or how much the driver owed. I also stated that the penalty charge is not in line with the offence as if the driver had known the legnth of stay they would of paid the extra 50 pence so with that in mind the fine is not in line with the crime - e.g overstay for 5 hours and get the same fine for a 23 min overstay. and I have not said I'm the driver.

    Depending on the solicitors advice I will take action required.

    I'm guessing the fact that you are having to guess how long you have been parked for is a good appeal reason and likely to get me off with the fine.

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    Re: Parkingeye PCN in Hospitsal car park

    You guess wrong.

    My guess is your solicitor friend will perhaps tell you things from a legal standpoint which is fine if you're going to court but meaningless from a practical point of view.

    Mitigation in private parking matters is useless. It does not work and the independent appeals service (Popla) said they don't even consider it.

    However it's also very easy to get the ticket cancelled.

    If you haven't sent the draft letter, don't. Send an appeal to Parking Eye such as

    Dear Sirs,

    I, as registered keeper, wish to invoke your appeals procedure. The driver paid on the day. In any event the charges are penal and not a genuine pre estimate of loss.

    In the event you refuse my appeal please send me a popla code. I am under no statutory obligation to name the driver and will not be doing so.

    Yours etc

    This will probably be refused but once you get the Popla code all is well. A Popla appeal such as http://www.legalbeagles.info/forums/...-Appeal-Letter will win.

    http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showpost.php?p=59867667&postcount=2 show the winning points at Popla. Again i stress that mitigation is hopeless and irrelevant.



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      Re: Parkingeye PCN in Hospitsal car park

      This is excellent advice by mystery1 and very succinctly put.

      Do not name the driver or admit to be the driver under any circumstances.

      Parking Eye are unlikely to go before POPLA and reveal their contract with the landowner. Going to POPLA costs THEM £27 odd + VAT and teaches them a lesson not to be so vexatious and naughty!

      I've just go a neighbour off a charge with UKPC on the same grounds.

      Mitigation is irrelevant because that would mean you had admitted to the 'offence'.


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        Re: Parkingeye PCN in Hospitsal car park

        I appealed and they made it unsuccessful, then I appealed to POPLA and I won and saved £100.

        I won on the basis that their losses did not justify their charge of the £100......fight fight fight but your reasons have to be right.....read the POPLA site thoroughly. POPLA are great. A light of reason in the darkened and greedy world of parking.... Gud luck. :-).

        A proud fighter...


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