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school fine

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  • school fine

    Debating about whether or not just to bring in a bed and live here haha.

    So this morning I received a penalty notice in the post from my sons school. A bit of background, hes 12 and in year 8 with attendance in the 96 percentile for the previous school year. This September I took him on a holiday and he subsequently missed the first week of the school year. During the time he was away my husband visited the school with a letter from myself basically just confirming that he wouldnt be in school and then when he would be returning.

    Upon returning I received a letter stating it was an unauthorised absence and that it would be referred to the LA, on the note sheet it stated if attendance for the previous year was higher than 95% i would receive just a warning letter.

    I have now checked out the local authorities policies on fining and came across this:

    If unauthorised leave is taken then the school will refer the case to the Local Authority who may consider taking further action, particularly at the following critical times and circumstances: 

    At any time in September

    At any time during formal external examination periods, e.g. Year 1 phonic tests, Year 6 SATs, Year 2 SATs and Key Stage 4 exams, e.g. GCSEs and during exam preparation time

    A warning letter will be issued for any student whose attendance is 95% and above during the previous 12 months leading up to the unauthorised leave of absence

    A penalty notice may be issued for any student whose attendance is below 95% during the previous 12 months leading up to the unauthorised leave of absence. A penalty notice is a fine of £60 if paid 1 Ė 21 days after issue, increasing to £120 if paid between 22 - 28 days. A separate penalty notice is issued for each child and each parent/carer

    Now what I dont understand is if they are saying they will fine in September regardless of previous attendance or whether they are saying they will fine in September unless attendance is above 95%, could somebody clarify please so I know whether or not to contact them before paying
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    pay it before it increases? my daughter had to pay two yet it was a family holiday in the far east to meet in laws who lived there?? the scheme is utter nonsense and if it was me I would challenge them to prove their words, as I could nock them down straight away with historical evidence against them, but that is me.


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      I think it's pretty clear from the quoted wording that the LA's policy is that a warning letter should have been issued in this case. However, the policy does not specifically say they won't fine you in these circumstances. Why not query it, but it's not worth going over the 21 days.


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        Yeah I will give them a call on Monday and draw attention to their policies politely, canít imagine itíll make a difference but at least I will know I tried.


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          Urgh well that went down like a lead balloon, aparently September absences and last 12 months attendance are none inclusive of each other. September absences are an immediate fine regardless of anything.


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            This September I got him on holiday missing the initial week of the school year. I needed Writing Help review for her. During that time my husband did not go to school with a letter from myself in the beginning confirming that he would not be in school and then when he would come back.


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              Pay the fine or you end up in court when you are fined according to your income (ie much more!).


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                I will also pay as long as the fine is within the school policies.


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                  How much is the fine?


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