As a result of an investigation, the Claims Management Regulator has imposed a financial penalty of £68,000 on Zebra Claims Limited.

Zebra Claims Limited was found in breach of the following Conduct of Authorised Persons Rules 2014:

General Rule 2 – A business shall conduct itself responsibly overall including, but not limited to, acting with professional diligence and carry out the following:
d) Maintaining appropriate records and audit trails
e) Take all reasonable steps in relation to any arrangement with third parties to confirm that any referrals, leads or data have been obtained in accordance with the requirements of the legislation and Rules.

General Rule 4 – A business shall ensure that any staff or other people working on its behalf have the necessary training and competence to perform their duties.

General Rule 5 – A business shall observe all laws and regulations relevant to its business.

Client Specific Rule 4 – Cold calling in person is prohibited. Any marketing by telephone, email, fax or text shall be in accordance with the Direct Marketing Association’s Code and any related guidance issued by the Direct Marketing Association.

Client Specific Rule 9 – A business must seek to ensure that any publicity for its services issued by a third party and which is intended to solicit business for it complies with these rules.


Source: Claims Management Regulation – Claims Management Regulation