3rd year + Graduate Law students – Opportunity for training experience.

Legal training contracts are very limited and require significant financial commitment from the law firm in a new trainee, so naturally firms are very selective in whom they take on. Only one third of law students successfully find a training contract, so it becomes hard for students to build up relevant experience in dealing with legal matters. LegalBeagles has launched a scheme to help law students build up this essential legal knowledge and client handling experience to improve their prospects of successfully securing a training contract and/or employment in the legal industry.

Through the LegalBeagles online forum, law students may participate in a trial scheme whereby they can directly assist in advising consumers/SME’s about legal issues in a real world/real time setting. Students will always be supervised by the site team and our experienced volunteers. Student responses to consumer questions will be checked and improvements suggested and at the end of the six-week scheme, students will be issued with a summary of experience offered and gained, areas of expertise and range of legal areas covered during their volunteer period.

Volunteer students participating in the scheme will be clearly titled “Law Student Trainee” while participating on the forum, so our visitors will be aware that the advice is coming from a student. Other regular posters will contribute to the same threads and will assist in clarifying or improving student responses. LegalBeagles has an inbuilt ‘Bones’ system, similar to star ratings which recognise quality and volume of responses offered by individuals, students will hopefully enjoy building their reputation score. Any student wishing to participate beyond the six-week scheme will be welcome to do so, subject to their response quality achieving a reasonable standard to assist with future frontline legal advice.

The long-term goal of this project is to create a sustainable and reliable opportunity for student volunteers assisting on LegalBeagles to build up confidence in responding to initial questions.  They will learn to assist in providing a ‘triage’ service in assessing first enquiries from consumers/SME’s and signposting them to more experienced colleagues as required. Additionally, LegalBeagles is participating in AI/Machine Learning projects with our Q&A data. Students participating in volunteering will be able to contribute their individual knowledge to the wider legal learning project underway.

For more information visit https://legalbeagles.info/third-year-law-students-work-experience-opportunity/