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If you have recently lost someone and believe that you are the person who needs to deal with their estate, these guides may help you. The guides will assist you in all the steps necessary to deal with a simple estate, that is below the threshold to pay any Inheritance Tax, from registering the death to distributing the estate.

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Registering the Death
Executor or Administrator?

Do I need a Grant ?

Valuing the Estate

Distributing the Estate

Intestacy Rules

Registering the Death

What do you do when someone dies.


Arranging and paying for a funeral.

Executor or Administrator ? First Steps

If you are the Executor or Administrator of an estate what should you do?

Locating a Will

Locating the Will and checking its validity.

Do I need a grant?

In what circumstances do you need a grant of probate?.

Valuing the Deceased’s Estate

How is the estate valued?.

Distributing the Estate (with a Will )

How do you distribute the estate when the person that died has a will.

Intestacy Rules

What happens if there is no Will.

Making your Will

About the content of your will




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