High Court Judge suggests living wills should be compulsory for all those able to make future life sustaining treatment decisions.

Many of us have thought, what would happen if I was unable to make or communicate decisions to my family or the medical profession.

There may be circumstances that you would not wish to be kept alive by medical science, maybe if you had been involved in a serious accident leaving you severely brain damaged or had a progressive illness such as Motor Neurone Disease.

In many instances, the decision is not a difficult one where medical professionals and the family are in agreement, for example to turn off a life support system. However, emotions run understandably high and families may always think the ‘miracle’ chance that someone may come out of the vegetative state, is worth fighting for irrespective of the person’s wishes whether they would wish to be in a vegetative state but able to breath for themselves and require 24hr full care for the rest of their lives. With advances in medicine and technology this has become an even harder decision for families and medics than in the past where maybe nothing further could be done.

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