Kate Briscoe explains the real impact of CCJ’s on personal finance and the wider economy.

Nurses in Cardiff recently lost a court hearing meaning they will now have to pay fines incurred with Indigo Parking for parking in their hospital car parks. Seemingly unjust, as the hospital has not provided enough spaces for staff, forcing them to park in visitor spaces, these unfortunate nurses have found themselves hostages of the court enforcement that many consumers and small businesses have experience of annually.

This reminded me of the statistics released for the first quarter of 2017, showing 300,000 county court judgments issued, if that trend continues, we shall see 1,200,000 CCJ’s in 2017, a further sharp increase from 2016’s 800,000 CCJ’s.

So two million CCJ’s in just two years, how does that impact the tax paying, contributing working people? Based on the 2011 Census there are 30,766,945 adults aged between 25 – 65. These figures suggest 6.5% of them have received a CCJ in the last two years, which does not include all CCJ’s issued in the previous four years to take account of how many people have a CCJ in the population at any given time.


Source: JustBeagle – Is the epidemic of County Court Judgments hurting our economy?