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PIP - Do I have a chance?

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  • andyg44
    started a topic PIP - Do I have a chance?

    PIP - Do I have a chance?

    Hello everyone,

    I would like the panel's opinion about PIP.

    In 2011 I was diagnosed with brain cancer (glioma). For those that do not know it is an incurable. infiltrating and diffuse cancer, with 100% chance of death. To make things worse, the cancer sits on my sensory/motor cortex which makes it almost impossible to be operated on and there are only a few surgeons that will consider undertaking the operation. The cancer directly affects my right hand side especially my leg.

    I have had three awake surgeries in 2011, and in 2013 and in 2014. In the last surgery I got bad news the cancer has transformed to grade 3. I got then a year's chemotherapy (ended Sep 2015) and immunotherapies even since.

    Every surgery has left me with side effects (loss of control and power on my right leg), various other issues and that is before I even talk about the psychological issues. Life goes from MRI to MRI every three months where I am told whether I will live or die.

    In 2013, before my last surgery my GP made a case to the DLA saying that I had less than a year to live based on the diagnosis and the general prognosis of this condition. The DWP argued the point but in the end they awarded me the DLA on special rules.

    In 2017 I was asked to apply again, and I did, this time without special rules. They asked me to attend an assessment which however coincided with my 3-monthly scans, and appointments with two oncologists and a neurosurgeon.

    As I missed the assessment they have rejected my application and have told me to write to them within 30 days if I want to argue the case.

    Physically I am not disabled, I find it hard to walk on my weak leg, but am not disabled and will not claim to be, even though my surgeon has clearly told me "you will be paralysed and then you will die". But it has not happened yet. So I cannot go into an assessment and big it all up and say "I cannot walk". In truth after every surgery I really could not walk unaided but a few months past and then I could again. I also suffer various symptoms from dizziness to lightheadedness, to fatigue and so on, which are typical of brain cancers.

    I do not have an imaginary disease, or a simple disease, I have gone on long term sickness since 2013 and my life is destroyed. Psychologically I am quite bad as you can imagine.

    However I am not disabled, not yet. I know I will be because the cancer is growing into my leg area, it's just a question of time. Currently it, and the surgeries, have weakened my leg but not fully paralysed it.

    Could someone please give me some advice?

    Many thanks in anticipation,
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  • warwick65
    Re: PIP - Do I have a chance?

    You say you are not disabled but by your own admission you tell us that you struggle psychologically . Mental Health is a disability as defined by the equality act 2010 however it is quite hard to prove to the DWP there is a problem.

    First point is absolutely appeal the decision and explain you had a check up at the hospital- if you have a copy of the letter or the appointment card send them a copy, if not speak to your consultants secretary and ask for conformation of your appointment.

    If they refuse your appeal then I would apply again but have a chat with your GP or consultant and ask them the difficult question - would they support your application under the special rules?

    If the answer is no and in many ways I hope it is ( I want you to have as long and pain free life as possible) have a look to see if there are agencies who can help you complete the PIP form

    Have you read the PIP form to see what you think you could be awarded- remember that daily living and mobility are stand alone criteria so even 7 points in each would get you nothing.

    Off the top of my head
    Medication- do you need help managing medication.
    can you stand to cook a meal

    Can you drive?
    How far can you walk without pain and how long does it take you?
    Can you go out alone , possibly because you need someone to drive.

    I think what many people forget is , it is your ability to do a task - so if you have a partner who always has and always will cook for you - that doesn't mean you can cook a meal without an aid which might be a stool to sit on while you watch the cooker.

    I really would give it a shot- nothing ventured nothing gained ,

    I wish you all the luck in the world and I feel for you , you seem remarkably 'together'.

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