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What are good and bad things for your mental health?

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  • Nbrtowm
    started a topic What are good and bad things for your mental health?

    What are good and bad things for your mental health?

    I need to know some good and bad things for your mental health. I have to show examples of good things for your mental health. But then also what is bad for your mental health. I need things that are easy to draw.
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  • Mirrah
    Too much stress is definitely a bad thing for your mental health. Don't worry, be happy!

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  • echat11
    What makes you laugh? Laughter triggers the release of endorphins in the brain. When you feel as though things are getting on top of you, do something that will make you laugh. Watch a comedy show, movie, sketches, tell a friend a 'terrible' joke, but you'll both be laughing etc.

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  • jenny_jems

    These are the bad habits may be sabotaging your mental health:

    Poor Posture.
    Lack of Exercise.
    Overuse of Social Media.
    Overuse of a Smartphone.

    Foods that Boost Mental Health:

    Whole Grains.
    Olive Oil.

    Surround yourself with good people and value yourself are the two crucial things that contributes to a good mental health!


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  • vduicc
    I was actually an addict years ago, so you can imagine how bad my mental health was when I first reached out for help. If you look at drug addiction recovery statistics you can see I was one of the lucky ones. I think we can do so much better for addicts out there, that's what I'm advocating for at the moment, and that's what's helping my metal health the most, knowing that I can make a change using the horrible experience that I want through. All together we would be able to make even bigger changes.

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  • islandgirl
    Exercise - go for a run or a walk - makes you feel much better

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  • BiGMackenzie
    this is very good question.

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  • des8

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