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Help needed - ingenious legal

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  • Sorry, our over zealous spam filter unapproved your post for some reason so I've approved it.

    Will take a look....


    • That's a pretty well drafted complaint so well done.

      It's good that you've included the issue of them not providing you with a copy of the agreement in a durable medium and as such their failure to comply with distance selling regulations.

      Another Beagles member we're assisting wrote to them about the issue and their answer is essentially a clear admission that they didn't comply. The complaint is currently with the Legal Ombudsman.

      Here's what was asked...

      Click image for larger version

Name:	Questions.JPG
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ID:	1602306

      Here's what they answered with....

      Click image for larger version

Name:	Answers.JPG
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Size:	65.4 KB
ID:	1602307


      • Thanks, they have since acknowledged the complaint and provided me a copy of their complaints procedure so I'll let you what response I get to the complaint when they send it.


        • Having just sat down to review the complaints procedure it appears the document they attached is some form of expense tracking sheet, its certainly not a complaints procedure so I've emailed them back highlighting their error. Possibly another blunder that's useful in terms.of showing their incompetence.


          • Well I had a reply this morning, bit long to paste it all here but happy to send it on for you to review. The gist is....

            You signed up on Facebook etc etc.

            We sent you x number of emails we know you opened and a load of spam newsletters (they enclose copies). You didn't ask us to stop after any of these emails therefore you consented to us progressing the case beyond investigation.

            We are a paperless company and that's why you didn't get hard copy of documents, you could have downloaded them at sign up.

            As a goodwill gesture we'll reduce our fees (this knocks about £120 off the bill).

            So there you go i honestly don't recall recieving the emails and certainly didnt keep them, however its over 2 years ago so who knows. They seem to openly admit there was no hard copy documents offered and the good will gesture surprised me a little.

            They haven't stated this is a final response that i can see.


            • Ok I would file the complaint with the Legal Ombudsman and tell IG that you have done so. When you file the complaint the LO insist that you just provide your complaint and the response to it initially so just give them that for now - you can provide further documents when they begin looking at it.

              It will be around a year before the LO gets round to dealing with it so you've got a long wait.


              • Do I need to wait for them to tell me its their final response before I lodge with the LO?

                If so how do I prompt them to 'mark' a final response as such or is it a case of going back and forth until they have had enough of me?


                • You could just respond and say that you're assuming that it's their final response and unless they want to add anything further in the next 7 days you'll file it with LO. I think that's reasonable.

                  The rules are that you can go to LO when you either get a final response or if you don't get a final response, within 8 weeks of your original complaint.


                  • OK, cheers.


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