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Bristow and sutor changed repayment agreement without

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  • Bristow and sutor changed repayment agreement without

    Hope this the right topic for this...

    To keep a long story short, my wife and I owe around 500 to Bristow and Sutor for council tax arrears. We have been fully cooperative with them despite them having a consistently bullying attitude towards us throughout. For context, my wife and I are both registered disabled and our only income at the moment is universal credit.

    A few weeks ago, we made an agreement with them to pay 20 per month for three months, with a review after that. A few days after, we received an email informing us that our next payment will be 90, since I did a few days work that month. It was a one off, and we promptly sent them proof that I am not in full time work.

    They accepted the proof and told us that we will only have to pay 20, however there will be a 50 charge for changing the agreement! What's more, the guy on the phone said that he would ring us back in an hour's time, I'm still sat here waiting for his call now.

    Bearing in mind it was THEM who changed the agreement without consulting us, surely they can't charge us for changing it back? Also, is it legal for them to change the agreement without discussing it with us first?

    Seems very off to me. Anyway, they are getting 20 this month and nothing more. They're also getting reported to trading standards and the financial ombudsman. Is what they did actually legal?

    Thanks for reading ☺️
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    Hi JMB

    They will have charges for all sorts of things to suit themselves, doesn't make them fair. If you take a case to the FOS, then it will cost them 10 times the 50 they want tio charge you.

    a) You need to raise a formal complaint in writing with B & S, follow their complaints procedure. It will be on their website. If you aren't happy with their final response, then lodge a complaint with the FOS.

    b) To contact Trading Standards, you need to go through CAB. Definitely worth lodging a complaint with CAB / Trading Standards.


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