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JPS Financial PPI Claims

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    i have re scanned the t&cís from a better scanner & sent them over to you via email. Fingers crossed these are readable this time.

    i have also sent the response via email to JPS. I will let you know if i get the documents we require.

    thank you.


    • #62
      That's better!

      Let me know when you've heard back.


      • #63

        I still haven't had a response from the email i sent on Monday asking for all communications between JPS & Barclays?.
        Do you think i should follow up today to ask if my request is being processed?


        • #64
          No, there's no need to rush it.


          • #65
            I have had a reply via email from JPS i will forward the email & all paperwork attached for you to review for me if that's ok.

            Thank you.


            • #66
              It looks to me like they've got their ducks in a row so realistically I don't think you've got any chance with this. Ultimately FOS won't find in your favour because you benefitted from the claim they made regardless of the validity of the LOA.

              As much as it pains me I would advise paying the 600 quid. Although the debt will become statute barred at some point that won't stop them from hounding you for it.

              It might be worth complaining to Barclays about them disclosing to JPS the fact that the claim reached a conclusion when Barclays self-evidently didn't have your authority to speak to them and as such breached data protection but they might have had a regulatory obligation to do so, but worth a shot.


              • #67
                I agree. having received all the paperwork to confirm what id signed (6 yrs ago) i dont see the point in arguing this so i will just make the payment & shut them up! I still technically won.
                Thank you for all the help & advice you have given to me & the time you have taken to look into this for me, its been much appreciated.


                • #68
                  No probs.


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