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Bank Smart and LFC

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    Originally posted by JamesLFC View Post

    Two years ago I engaged a small company the go ahead to claim back PPI for me. The company called EDC were as good as their word and I paid them the 12% as required. I then started receiving post from Bank Smart telling me they were handling further claims. Three weeks ago I received another letter from MIL Collections saying I was in breach of contract. I have nether asked Bank Smart to carry out any PPI search on my behalf.

    Later today I will be posting further correspondence from Bank Smart.

    Also I've tried search for EDC but can't find who they are. Can you give me some clues please?


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      Dear Nick,

      I had a successful claim with a small company and I paid them the commission when I had a cheque from Halifax Bank of Scotland. I have a copy of the invoice. I will scan a copy for you.


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        OK can you answer the questions on the previous page of this thread please.


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          1) When was the first time you heard from Bank Smart and what was it about?

          Not sure, 2020 during the pandemic.

          2) Did you ever have any dealings with Francis Hughes? They're also known as Ascend Finance.

          No, I have not had any dealings with Francis Hughes or Ascend Finance.

          3) Can you send me their letter to you of 7 May (to which you responded on 28 May) and any attachments that came with it?

          I will scan those this evening for you.

          4) As I asked you before, please send me the email where they said ''If you believe someone has fraudulently signed the documents please provide us with the crime reference number so we can forward any original documents to the police for finger printing''.

          I will resend the emails.

          5) Have you ever accessed you BS online account before?

          I have never accessed the BS online account.



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            Ok thanks!


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