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PPI Company sent bill a year after small refund

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  • PPI Company sent bill a year after small refund

    Hi there,

    Am hoping someone can offer a bit of help or advice.
    I have received a letter from Financial Justice asking me to pay an invoice for a PPI refund that I received last December (2017).
    They have sent me copies of the letters from Nationwide they have received and also ones that were sent to me in Dec 17. I do not remember asking FJ to deal with this, I actually thought it was another company and for that reason I kept the cheque for a few months before banking as was waiting to see if I got an invoice from a PPI company.
    So I think my main question is can they really ask for payment of a fee a year after the refund was made? I have carried out a little research and see there are a few trickeries in PPI claims Ts & Cs, anything signed seems to lock you an agreement but I am also reluctant to get in touch with them and ask for a copy of my signature.
    Would appreciate any advice, I am sure there must be a cut off date??

    Many thanks
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    Unfortunately not, they'd have 6 years to claim back any fee from you ( simple contract so Limitations Act 1980 s5 would apply)

    So you'd need to respond to their letter asking for them to send a copy of the third party authorisation they hold which you would have signed to enable Nationwide to communicate with them and also a copy of the agreement you signed with Financial Justice.

    Just say that as it has been over a year since the refund was made and you have no records of instructing FJ to deal with a Nationwide claim you'd like to ensure their claim is correct before making payment.

    You can also ask Nationwide for a copy of the Third Party Authorisation letter they held which enabled them to talk to FJ, but really, as it seems they did write to FJ, and FJ had written to them about your claim, it is likely to be right.

    Any support I provide is offered without liability, if you are unsure please seek professional legal guidance.

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      Ok thanks for the advice


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