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  • Pension/inheritance

    I'm 54 and as far as I know wont be getting much of a pension ( waiting to hear from pension tracing service).
    I may soon be receiving some inheritance money, ideally I would like to put that away for retirement.
    problem is.....Im in quite a bit of debt (I know I have to take responsibility too, i let the debts be put in my name) but this is because hubby was happy for me to look after kids/home while he Worked...
    we aren't getting on these days and don't know what future holds, but I'm scared!!!!
    This inheritance from my parents, as they said was for me to 'enjoy,' but it's causing stress.
    haven't told hubby the amount I'm getting as in his head he's spent it already ( he's terrible with money)
    is there somehow I can put some of the inheritance into a pension ( then I hope knowing i have something to live on I can deal with debts) .....
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    Hi! No-one replied to you here? How is it going?

    My advice would be to keep hold of it all for you - in your bank account (just set up a secret one he does't know about and say no to paper statements) - especially since you're not getting on. Screw him lol!

    There is no limit on how much you can contribute to your pension, just a limit on the tax relief you'd get. BUT - will this solve the problem as once you hit 55 you can draw it and he'll know about it..?

    I feel it for you, my ex husband would have been exactly the same - note 'ex' and that's the best way out though I know it is hard.

    Good luck x


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      I think you are absolutely free in this regard and have the right to decide what to do with your money yourself. Another thing is the commission and benefits. Specifically, I don't understand this, I will not be able to help. I think to make it easier, you need financial advisers, and even better pension financiers. You can try it at https://www.hensoncrisp.com/ . I've hired financiers there for other purposes, but I think they'll help you, too. Also explain the problem to them and they for sure will find a solution how to help.


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