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Loan offer apply now

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  • Loan offer apply now

    I am a reliable lender who lends out a loan and personal loan to all serious persons who are in need of the offer I lend it out for 3% if you are interested in the offer you can contact me via mail: credituniong@gmail.com
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    That's a hard case. Are you sure you will find a loan with 3% rate? It's very low. I think, nobody will give it to you.


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      Originally posted by Stoor15 View Post
      That's a hard case. Are you sure you will find a loan with 3% rate? It's very low. I think, nobody will give it to you.
      LOL, are you blind or something? He's not looking for the loan, he gives a loan. Don't know about you, but I don't trust that kind of proposal. The man says that he's "reliable lender", but I didn't hear a thing about him. When I needed money, one of my friends told me about the Expert Payday Loans company. Those guys gave me a loan for 3% rate. I will pay it off for next 15 years. But! I already have a house, and my rate won't raise by them, as it happens in other cases. Not so bad after all, I think.
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        I would not trust someone offering a loan through a gmail account, whether it has a low APR or a high one! I would look on comparison sites like money.co.uk, moneysupermarket.com. If you want someone to find a loan for you, I would suggest going through a loan broker for good credit like myfinancialbroker.co.uk or choosewisely.co.uk
        If you have a good credit score of 600, 700 or 800, you may be eligible for a loan with low APR, giving you the best rates starting from 2.9% APR. Apply online today!


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          It seems to me that finding this amount is not so easy, especially if you have lost everything that you had and want everything at once. It's not easy, believe me. Last year, when my ex-wife sued me for my house and car, I had nowhere to go and had to spend the night in the subway and work two jobs from morning until late at night in order to soon find myself in a warm room rented with the money I earned. It was incredibly difficult for me then. My friend offered to take out a small loan in https://kbbcredit.sg/ but I refused because I didn't want to get into even more debt. Once when I was a child, I swore that I would not take out loans and still hold this opinion. Now I rent a good apartment and my new girlfriend helps me, life has improved but it was not immediately
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