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CCA Request with HOIST - Ambiguous response

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  • CCA Request with HOIST - Ambiguous response


    I am just looking for another perspective on correspondence received from Hoist in July 2021. I sent an original request for my CCA to them in May along with the £1 postal order, which was returned 3 days later with a letter stating 'We can confirm receipt of your request for documents under the CC Act however, the £1 fee is no longer required to request the documents. We have therefore returned your £1 fee'.

    No further correspondence was received.

    I thought this was strange so took advice and was advised to resend the £1 postal order with another CCA request, which I did end of June 2021. 3rd July I received the same letter as previous with the returned £1 postal order.

    7th July I received a follow-up from Hoist titled 'Query', where they stated that they were looking into my enquiry and will contact me as soon as they are able to but may have to contact the original creditor for the information. They asked for 90 days to respond to me. No mention that it was a CCA request or that until this information is forwarded my debt is unenforceable (which seems to be the standard response).

    In the last 2 weeks I have received several phone calls and two auto-generated letters about contacting them to set up a payment plan.

    I have been in a DMP for 7 years paying this and another debt to Link (CCA request also sent to Link and standard response received, no further correspondence since 27th May 2021) and have never missed a payment. Both defaults have dropped off my credit report in May 2020 so I know they will never return.

    Where do I go from here? Hoist have not once acknowledged that it's a CCA request so are they trying to dodge sending it to me?

    Many Thanks
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    no CCA then they have a problem., stop sending CCA request they know you are panicking ignore plans as not complied with regulatory request.


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      A lot of companies don't process the fee anymore, it's not worth it to them to put a cheque or postal order through their bank account with the transactional charges business account levy for £1.

      They don't have to mention it's a CCA request in the letter, the contents of the letter make it evident that it is.

      Simply wait for them to respond.

      My posts here are based on my experience of a variety of life events. I have no formal legal training & if in doubt take professional legal advice or contact CAB. If you follow anything I write here you do so at your own risk & I accept no liability for any loss, costs or other outcomes.

      Private messages are disabled as help is only offered publicly. I do not come on here in the evening, at weekends or on public holidays.


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        Thank you for your responses. I have been advised on another forum that I could simply stop making payments until they CCA's are produced. Would you suggest this to be a good idea (good for my bank balance obviously as would save me £150 per month)? I realise I would be bombarded by calls / letters etc but really don't want any collectors turning up on my doorstep. And if the CCA's did turn up would or could they initiate court proceedings before they have sent me the CCA?

        Sorry if you've seen these threads a million times before but from what I've read Hoist seem to be ruthless.


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          no cca then stop until they produce a compliant CCA in ll respects., no collector turn up only maybe on day a company called Resolvecall (local guy hoping to connect with you - you do not need to) and failure by him leave a card to contact some office somewhere. end of story. you do not contact the office., no conversations with them. they have no powers just a local guy earning a living on commission. could put most of saving away just in case later. meantime until CCA if ever arrives that is 100% then you are being vash cowed.


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            court case be started but then it would have to stop as no CCA no case can be heard.,, many try that to frighten you but discontinue before they loose their deposit in court. read read threads.


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              MIKE770 Thanks for your help youíve put my mind at ease. Iíll stop paying Link as itís been almost 4 months since request and nothing since their first letter of acknowledgement, Hoist Iíll wait till after the 90 days are up as per their letter then at least Iíll feel better that I at least adhered to their request.


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