Hi all,

Let me start by saying thanks to anyone that contributes any kind of advice here to myself and anyone else seeking help.

I have lived on and off for last 10 years between the UK and France, Ive been back in the UK for the last 10 months. Back in 2015 a family member accrued 5500 in debt on a credit card in my name, that's another story and I accept it and will stand responsible for any consequence. I learnt about this debt in 2017 when a default registered on my credit score, I was annoyed but wasn't much I could do and I envisaged staying in France so chose to ignore it.

​​​​​As previously mentioned ive been back in the UK since the end of last year and living at a relatives address and I left all bank account addresses and such at my parents house.

I have previously looked online and spoke to debt advisors about this debt but have been scared of doing anything for fear of resetting the 6 year statue barred timer so again decided that ignorance is bliss.

I am now in the process of looking for a mortgage and dont dont anything dramatic happening to my salvaged credit score.

Today I went to pick up an expected bit of mail from my parents and they handed over a whole stack which I was unaware of. One of these was a letter from Lowell Solicitors, a 'Notice of Pending County Court Judgement'. It was issued on the 23/03/2020 and they gave me a reply by date of the 02/04 which has passed a while ago.

I havent got any other letters and havent seen a CCJ on my cresit score.

Does anyone have any advice on what to do without resetting the 6 year timer and without getting a CCJ?

I am comfortable in the UK and have a job and have the money to pay the debt but again im scared of acknowledging it and ruining any chances I have of a mortgage for me and my family. We are 3 currently living with family.